Scam solicits money on behalf of law enforcement

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Staff report
The Salisbury Police Department is warning residents of someone calling requesting donations on behalf of law enforcement.
Police Chief Mark Wilhelm confirmed the scam Thursday evening and wants to alert residents about the caller telling residents he is collecting money for authorities.
He said a Salisbury resident received a telephone call on Thursday afternoon from an undisclosed phone number. The male caller requested the recipient of the call send in money to support “local law enforcement’s” fight against illegal drugs.
The caller stated the money would be used to “get drugs off of our streets.”
The resident advised the caller she was associated with the Salisbury Police Department, and the caller immediately discontinued the conversation by abruptly hanging up the phone. The resident then contacted the Salisbury Police Department.
Wilhelm was specific in saying, “No one person or company has been authorized to solicit funds on behalf of the Salisbury Police Department.”
If anyone receives such a call, the Police Department would advise them to request additional information and request an address where the contribution should be sent. Once this information is obtained, call local law enforcement and provide the information so they may follow up on the information.
“We urge citizens not to contribute money to causes or persons to whom they are not familiar with,” he said.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Salisbury Post at 704-638-5333.