More comes in for Christmas Happiness Fund

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The success of the 2008 Christmas Happiness Fund is a testament to the generosity of Rowan County.
Thanks so much for the $73,360.18 in contributions that helped struggling parents buy Christmas gifts for 3,576 children. The need was greater than ever in 2008 ó up from 2,056 in 2007 ó and contributors reached deep into their pockets to ensure that no child went without a gift on Christmas morning.
Overall, the fund was down about $2,500 from the $75,927.11 raised the year before, but thanks to a $40,000 carry over, there was more than enough to go around.
With the recession predicted to continue, it’s never too early for individuals, families, schools and organizations to start raising money for the 2009 Christmas Happiness Fund. Set out a jar for your loose change, and watch how fast it adds up.
In the meantime, our wish for you, dear readers of the Salisbury Post, is that 2009 will bring you much joy.
Dec. 25 total $71,930.18
Merry Christmas Sophia, Love Mom and Dad $50
To Granny Rose, Love SugarFoot $50
In memory of “Hop” Rusher, by Paul, Lynn and Meredith . .$100
In honor of Debbie Hoffman and Matthew Hoffman $25
Anonymous $25
In honor of Everyman’s Bible Class; First Presbyterian Church; our leader, Al Hoffman and all our teachers; Jake Alexander, Tony Almeida, Bob Harris, Jay Whittington, Vic Bost, Dan Williams and Trevor Williams, by Johnny Safrit $100
In honor of the wonderful teachers and staff of Hurley Elementary School, by Will, Amelia and Joe Steinman $100
In memory of our loving son, Justin David Powell, by A.D. and Jane Powell $200
In honor of all who helped make our bazaar a success, by St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in China Grove $750
In memory of Lee and Kathryn Poole, by Bill and Lamont Poole $20
Keith Pyatt $5
Rebecca Nance $5
Total for Wednesday . .$1,430
Grand total $73,360.18