Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wilson tourney set
The Wilson Recreation Center, 500 Sunset Road, will be the playing site for the Winter Sectional Tournament, scheduled for March 7-9. There will be prizes for overall winners.
Ellna Simpson-Elton and Marie Pugh placed first in the weekly duplicate game last Tuesday evening at the Salisbury Woman’s Club.
Other winners were: Myrtle Brandon and Helen Cornett, second; Myrnie and John McLaughlin, third.
This was the deal on Board 28 from Tuesday’s game:
West dealer, only N/S vulnerable.
«6Ş 8 7 6 4
u K Q J 8 5 4
¨ 8 4
« Q 10 « 9 7 6 4 2
Ş A 10 9 5 3 2 Ş ó
u 6 3 u 7 2
¨ 9 6 3 ¨ A Q J 10 5 2
« A K J 8 3
u A 10 9
¨ K 7
Becky Creekmore and Loyd Hill played a three no-trumps contract, making six, for the best N/S score on this deal.
Two N/S pairs played a three spades contract, making three.
In the Evergreen Club’s Feb. 22 duplicate game, the John McLaughlins tied with Ellna Simpson-Elton and Linda Euler for high overall.
Other winners were: N/S ó Marie Pugh and Ruth Bowles, second; Nancy Stanback and Loyd Hill, third. E/W ó Pete Dare and Lucy Brown, second; Jean Hill and Loren Parkinson, third.
Join us each Tuesday for enjoyable bridge fellowship. Game time is 7 p.m.
n n nBilly Burke is ACBL, Life Master director of the Salisbury Woman’s Club weekly duplicate games.