Back to school: Supplies for Corriher Lipe Middle School

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Corriher Lipe Middle School
SchoolwideAll students in the school are required to have a book bag to carry their books to and from school. During the day, book bags are kept in the lockers. Rolling book bags do not fit in lockers. Please be certain to purchase a book bag that fits in the locker.
The school provides a homework organizer for recording assignments. Students will be informed on the first day of school of any materials required for exploratory or PE classes.
Please note the following items are requested for all classrooms:
– packs of loose-leaf paper;
– boxes of facial tissue;
– packs of copy paper;
– bandages.
Sixth grade
Math- Two red one-subject spiral composition notebooks;
– one red folder with three prongs and two pockets.
Science- Two green one-subject spiral composition notebooks;
– One green folder with three prongs and two pockets.
Social studies- Three blue plastic folders with three prongs and two pockets.
Language arts- Two yellow and two purple plastic folders with three prongs and two pockets;
– One yellow or purple three-subject composition notebook.
Additional materials to be used in all classes: loose-leaf paper (1,000 sheets), will need to be replenished through the school year; no. 2 pencils, no mechanical pencils or ink/gel pens. Will be expected to have two pencils with them every day; one package of pencil tip erasers; two boxes of facial tissues.
The colors of the materials are very important because this helps students with organization as they change classes during their first middle school year.
Seventh grade
Middle school students struggle with organization. In order to help them become more organized, the teachers have selected the following items for use in their classrooms. In order to help the teacher help your child, please be sure to provide your student with these particular materials.
– One 2- or 3-inch three ring binder;
– wide rule loose leaf paper (no spiral notebooks);
– five dividers;
– pencils;
– pencil pouch (to keep in binder);
– black pen;
– colored pencils;
– erasers;
Please note: This is the general materials list for the seventh grade. Individual teachers may require additional materials for their class. For example, some teachers may require a cover for the textbook.
Eighth grade
Math- three-ring binder, at least 1 inch;
– loose-leaf notebook paper;
– one pack of graph paper;
– one pack of colored index cards;
– one bound composition notebook ó bound notebooks are the ones that usually have black and white marble covers and the pages do not tear out very easily. Please make sure they are bound, not composition style with wire.
– pencils
Social studies
– One three-ring binder, at least 1 inch;
– loose-leaf notebook paper;
– markers/colored pencils (for projects throughout the year);
– pencils.
– One quad-ruled, graph paper bound notebook ó not spiral bound;
– loose-leaf notebook paper;
– pencils.
Language arts
– One three-ring binder, at least 1 inch;
– loose-leaf notebook paper;
– pencils.