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Poetry Night: Poems from members of Meredith Abramson’s creative writing class

It just happened to work out that 13 girls took a creative writing class last semester with Meredith Abramson at East Rowan High School.
ěIt was lovely, just a great way to start my morning,î Abramson says. ěWe laughed together, we cried together. These are special, special girls.î
For the final exam, Abramson put together a poetry reading at Tastebuds.
ěThey were kinda uncomfortable,î she says of her students, ěbut thatís OK. It wound up being fine and they all did beautiful.î
Each of the young women read two poems written during the semester. Families were invited to the reading which took place Jan. 21.

Ode to My Mom
From pink bows and cleaning messes,
To wild horses and shiny dresses.
You watched me fulfill my wildest dreams,
And grow so fast so it seems.
Every time I shed a tear,
By my side, you’re always near.
The laughs we share and jokes we play,
How much you mean to me is more than words can say.
Through memories and heartbreak, you’re always there,
My true best fried, I know you care.
Who You Used To Be
Looking back at memories, good and bad,
Reminiscing on everything that we had
Who you used to be, I’ll never know again,
Only can I write it with paper and pen.
You had my heart from the second we met,
And for me, you never even cared, I bet.
The lies you told, the tears I cried,
For half a year, I kept my feelings inside
You promised you’d return to this small town someday,
I now know not to believe a single word you say.
You cheated on me, and you’ll hurt her too,
Something tells me that’s what you were made to do.
Now trusting anyone is so hard for me,
Cheating is about as low as someone can be.
Someday you’ll regret the things you put me through,
But don’t ever forget, it was you that wasn’t true.
ó Cydney Arey, freshman

How will I tell her,
My best friend for life,
My neighbor since she was born
What will she say,
We walked down the dark cement road
Barefooted, wearing shorts and a T-shirt
It was summertime
“I’m moving”
A tear drop rolled off her freckle-filled face
Sun beating down on me, I gave her all the details
My heart broke, seeing my best friend cry
After that day, we took no days for granted
The final day came
We said our goodbyes,
Made our promises,
and hugged
Almost a year has gone by
We see each other all the time
My best friend for life
ó Christin McDowell, sophomore

On the first day of High School Samantha put in her purse:
12 Compliments
11 Text messages
10 Green dollars
9 Writing utensils
8 Mouth products
7 Failing quiz grades
6 Keys and wrappers
5 Inch thick books
4 Highlighters
3 Lead pencils
2 Meeting papers
and a One-Hundred dollar cell phone
ó Amber Barnhardt, sophomore

A Class of Girls
A class full of girls
That I’ve come to trust
For we tell personal stories
And do signs that include the pelvic thrust
We teach our hobbies, which involve dancing around and singing loud
Performing them for another class
Our humiliation makes us proud
Creative writing full of wonderful girls and an awesome teacher
Tearing away will be a fray
I will go through withdraw issues
Because this class surely got me through my day
ó Samantha Smith,

Fly High
Fresh and new,
No more thoughts of you.
I am free now and there is
Nothing you can do.
I am a new person now,
So watch me shine.
I will conquer my dreams,
And fly high.
So now that I am different,
I will look back on those
Mistakes I made and know,
I can make it through whatever life
Throws out at me.
ó Ashley Iddings,

It was so humid I could
Barely breathe
My bare legs stuck to
The leather seat
A flash of blue and red
Could be seen in the
My heart raced as
I rehearsed to my
Friends what
We would say
I was pressed up
Against the scalding car
I’m sure you could hear
My skin sizzle
The cold metal
Restricted my wrist
My body was tossed
The cramped area in
The vehicle
That refused to let me out.
ó Katey Crisco,

The Red Queen
She seems two-faced
And red like her sister
Red like the hearts
That symbolizes her
She is the queen
No thorns attached
She doesn’t even mind
Her petals painted red
In full bloom with ideas
With a slender figure
A smile on her face
She’s a good draw
While the aces are wild
She’s not wild at all
And she’s the red queen
With no thorns attached
ó Amanda Shuping,

Genuine Friend
You nuzzle my hand with your cold, damp nose
Protector and genuine friend
Peering at me through those incredibly human eyes,
You cock your head to the side
Aging, nonetheless courageous
Radiating energy that seems to be contagious
As I stroke your back, you thump your leg with approval
Drawing a smile to my face
Drumming your leg at a relentless pace
56 dog years you’ve seen
Each year accompanied with the joy you bring
Your time drawing nearer to an end
The most authentic example of a genuine friend
A wavering black sea. Weeping echoing incomprehensible misery. Rev. Geter’s eulogy sounds as if spoken in some foreign language. Shoulders rising and falling. Tears leak from the windows of my soul. Her sweet presence, gone forever.
ó Jasmine Hart, junior

The Day
Walking down the road alone on a warm summer day.
I wanted to take a walk to get away.
Faster and faster I walk when I realize…
Today is the day for sweet nothings and great times.
I watch as the magnificent sun climbs overhead.
Beating down on the words I once said.
I will never fall in love, just you wait and you’ll see.
A beautiful pure white collection of artwork danced above me.I watched the shapes morph into amazingly simple, yet complicated in thy eyes.
A heart appeared through the mesh as I walked toward you, never knowing what was behind you.
I stare at the luscious green ground below my feet, oh how I long for winter to reach.
I follow you to a picnic table alone and frail.
As we sat across from one another, I realized the silence fell over each other.
I carefully examined each individual grain as I wait for you to say my name.
I look up once more only to see the gorgeous stare of your bright blue eyes upon me.
The longer I stared the longer I was lost.
I pull my attention to the shine of his golden blonde hair.
I closed my eyes to pretend I did not see.
Only now I know I just fell in love.
ó Arianna Auman, sophomore

A kiss here a kiss there
They mean something different everywhere
A kiss that’s simple and sweet that your parents receive
A proof of your love and makes them believe
A kiss from your dog that’s all slobbery and wet
That you received as soon as ya’ll met
A kiss on the cheek from a close friend
That makes your day better and you can mend
A kiss from your boyfriend standing in the street
Helps you remember he is so dang sweet
Kissing is a sweet gesture that goes around
In this simple and sweet little town
ó Brooke Stoner, senior

Today was the day
That I took reality
And let it dissolve
Right under my tongue
It didn’t take too long
To feel the numbness
Crawling up my arm
Along with some dizziness
Taking a hold of me
All of my senses
Were suddenly heightened
A kaleidoscopic sight
Wasn’t leaving my vision
Full of radiant colors
And distorted images
I was too scared to move
For every step I took
Would make the floor ripple
Underneath my feet
As if it was water
And when I looked around
I was shocked to find
My furniture had melted
And the walls were breathing
I tried to close my eyes
To make it go away
But even in darkness
I couldn’t escape
All those vivid images
Now I’m overwhelmed
With anxiety and hostility
Time itself was slowing down
My perceptions were disturbed
All thoughts unraveled
And my mind was lost
ó Amanda Shuping, senior

Why Escape?
Falling down the elevator shaft.
I never realized it goes so fast.
Crying, screaming, gasping for air.
Trying to hold in words I never knew I had.
I hate this world, I hate this place.
Please dear God help me escape.
Speeding up or slowing down I cannot tell.
My eyes are closing as we reach the bottom.
I think of all the people I have forgotten.
My sister, my dad, what are they to do?
I love them do they love me too?
From afar I hear a voice alone, sad and almost gone.
Why do you want to escape from your life that’s so bad?
Why do you want me to restore what you had?
You made your choice and now it is gone.
And pray that I have mercy on your soul.
Don’t cry, don’t scream, don’t say a thing.
I sit and hold on to my last breath.
Hoping he heard what I said.
I hold in my scream as the elevator hits the floor.
The doors open and I see the light and the flames around me.Too late.
I asked for no life and my wish was granted.
Now I live where no one can find me.
ó Arianna Auman, sophomore

In loving memory of Stephanie Poteat
Green, luscious grass
Glistening with dew.
The annual family gathering,
But I sat alone with you.
The old chattered of the past,
Revisiting the days of their youth.
Desperately hoping for one more year,
While stuffing their faces with food.
Our adolescence rid us of words,
But we understood all that was true.
Time went on forever
And our skies were always blue.
Parallel we sat,
Laced at the hip.
Soft skin caressed my face
And love escaped your lips.
Your fingertips on my skin,
Tracing laugh lines you had made.
How I wish I could have known in time
To make you less afraid.
Locks of sunshine pouring across your face,
Radiating powder blue eyes.
Butterfly kisses and endless giggles.
I will never understand why
That day had to end.
The weeks had to bring,
Your three year-old body
Broken in fatigue.
The doctors had not seen it
Until it was too late.
Time began racing
Till your expiration date.
No matter how experienced,
No matter how smart,
The doctors could not fix
The hole in your heart.
I hear the echo of my steps
In the continual white hall.
The facade of a smile,
But your eyes told it all.
I did not even speak to you.
I stood by the door and stared.
I did not know what was happening,
But you were hurt and I was scared.
Minutes after my departure
You gave your final goodbye.
You flew off to a place
Where dreams can never die.
But I will always have that last look
Your body cold and still,
Peaceful and tranquil
In the box which made it real.
Teddy bear in your arms,
Blue bow in your hair
And an aching in my heart
To remind me you are there.
ó Allie Henrickson, freshman

Senior Year
Goodness the year is almost upso many memories I will be able to cherish
Football games, late nights, and a few bad
decisions that I wouldn’t change
Bad boys and a few boyfriends that
have pushed my limits
Friendships that I wouldn’t replace
and college applications are sent away
Road trips and weeks at the beachmaking the most of our time spent together
Friendship challenges and my best girl
was sent away a few short weeks and she will
be back anyways
Club meetings, homecoming, prom and so many
special events will be my last
Senior night is a week away and my high
school football days will be completed
So many things I have learned over the years
at East and wouldn’t trade
The hardships and difficult times have
made me the girl I am today!
ó Brooke Stoner, senior


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