Moir boys capsules

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 26, 2008

No. 1 West Rowan
Record: 6-0; Season record vs. Moir teams: 5-0
All-time record in Moir: 50-34
Coach: Mike Gurley (12th season at West, 256-63, four Moir titles)Top player: Senior K.J. Sherrill (19.2 points a game) has signed with Charlotte and is a force on both ends
Underrated player: Everyone knows senior Kaleb Kimber (13.8 points) is good, but he’s better than good
Wild card: Smooth freshman Jordan Kimber (10.8 points) is on a big stage for the first time; he’s Kaleb’s brotherBest game: Ripped a talented NW Cabarrus team on the road
Worst game: Let a 19-point lead disappear against North Rowan ó but recovered
Key to winning tournament: Sherrill has to avoid foul trouble, and that’s been an issue in the early going
Last Moir title: 2005
Last Moir MVP: Florida Community College’s Jamel CarpenterTitles: 10
No. 2 Salisbury
Record: 8-1; Season record vs. Moir teams: 3-1
Record vs. No. 7 North in Moir: 8-7
All-time record in Moir: 52-34
Coach: Jason Causby (5th season, 70-48, one Moir title)
Top players: Senior Brandon Abel (17.8 points) and sophomore Darien Rankin (17.6) have been a formidable 1-2 punch
Underrated player: Point guard Thaddeus Williams (4.6) has sacrificed his own scoring numbers to help make the Hornets an impressive team
Wild card: Shooter Jahaan Hailey gives the Hornets one more weapon
Best game: Destroyed previously unbeaten Central DavidsonWorst game: Lost opener at South Rowan
Key to winning tournament: A West-Salisbury final is likely, and it would be a toss-up
Last Moir title: 2007
Last MVP: Abel
Titles: 11
No. 3 South Rowan
Record: 5-4; Season record vs. Moir teams: 2-1
Record vs. No. 6 Davie in Moir: 11-5
All-time record in Moir: 39-47
Coach: John Davis (10th season, 80-146)
Top player: Point guard Hunter Morrison (21.9 points) can shoot, pass, handle and defend
Underrated player: Reid Shaver (10.9) takes charges, rebounds and plays bigger than his height
Wild card: Shooter Steven Johnson scored 22 points to help beat Salisbury; he had zero in one-point loss to Mooresville
Best game: Beat Salisbury
Key to winning tournament: Given South’s lack of size, that’s a tall order; Salisbury and West are a lot bigger, and South would have to beat both
Last Moir title: 1995
Last MVP: Jason Crook
Last championship game appearance: Lost to West in 2002
Titles: 1
No. 4 East Rowan
Record: 4-4; Season record vs. Moir teams: 1-2
Record vs. No. 5 Carson in the Moir: 0-0
All-time record in Moir: 36-49
Coach: Greg McKenzie (5th season at East, 92-29, one Moir championship)
Top player: Senior forward Daniel Plummer (12.1 points) has scored 20-plus in his last two outings
Underrated player: Brian Grohman (8.1 points) shoots 63 percent and rebounds
Wild card: Guard Phillip Ajayi (7.1 points) has scored 19 points in a game ó and one point
Best game: Solid win at Carson
Worst game: Blew big lead against Statesville
Key to winning tournament: Mustangs would have to control the tempo and shoot much better than they have so far
Last Moir title: 2006
Last MVP: Spenser Davis
Titles: 2
No. 5 Carson
Record: 4-5; Season record vs. Moir teams: 2-2
All-time record in Moir: 1-4
Record vs. No. 4 East in Moir: 0-0
Coach: Brian Perry (3rd season, 13-44)
Top player: Darius Moose (15.4 points) also rebounds and has improved defensivelyUnderrated player: Nick Houston (9.1 points) is one of the county’s better shooters
Wild card: When he’s on, Josh Doby (11.1 points) is a game-changer
Best game: Big NPC win against Mooresville
Key to winning tournament: Must reverse momentum; Carson enters tournament on a three-game slideNo. 6 Davie County
Record: 4-6; Season record vs. Moir teams: 1-4
Record vs. No. 3 South in Moir: 5-11
All-time record vs. Rowan teams in Moir: 32-38
Coach: Mike Absher (7th season at Davie, two Moir titles)
Top player: Senior guard Drew Absher (16.1 points) has scored 1,239 career points
Underrated player: Youngster Jamal Mayfield (9.9 points) has been impressive
Wild card: War Eagles need Landon Harris to score. He’s had two 16s and a 17 but also outings of four and six
Best game: Pounded Eastern Randolph
Key to winning tournament: War Eagles have been a factor in recent years, but they’re underdogs this time
Last Moir title: 2004
Last championship game appearance: 2007
Titles: 4
No. 7 North Rowan
Record: 2-5; Record vs. No. 2 Salisbury in Moir: 7-8
Season record vs. Moir teams: 1-5
All-time record in Moir: 39-42
Coach: Kelly Everhart (11th season, 132-126, one Moir title)
Top player: Senior D.J. Hipps (10.1 points) has been the most consistent Cav
Underrated player: Javon Hargrave (7.6 points) is a 6-foot-2 J.R. Reid
Wild card: C.J. Fortson (7.7 points) looks like North’s best athlete
Best game: Beat Davie by 16 in a rematch
Key to winning tournament: Not this year, but the Cavs aren’t a bad team
Last Moir title: 2000
Last MVP: Marcus Lawing
Last championship game appearance: 2000
Titles: 6