Letters to the editor – Wednesday (12-10-08)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 9, 2008

State annexation statute needs additional changes
In addition to annexation changes N.C. Rep. Fred Steen offered in the Salisbury Post (Dec. 8 article), I offer the following:
1. Change the annexation law to redefine “urban.” Dr. Lawrence, an annexation law expert from UNC, recently said that when an area becomes urban in nature, it should become part of the city. There is some logic in that statement. However, the definition of “urban” for annexation purposes is 2.3 people per acre. The N.C. 150 area met that contorted definition, but in actuality, we are strictly suburban. Any unbiased person visiting this area would agree.
The 1957 legislative study commission recommended a density of four to six people per acre. A population density closer to that recommendation should be considered. The definition of “urban” should include a mix of banks, restaurants, stores and other businesses that are typical in cities. Our area includes one stoplight and one small business. The balance is churches and homes. That is urban? Of course not! The definition of “urban” could be changed to four people per acre and 5 percent of the properties could be businesses.
2. It would make forced annexation much less onerous if the law is changed to prohibit cities from duplicating existing services ó particularly water and sewage since they are quite expensive for the homeowner. Since we already have wells and septic tanks, cities should be prohibited from duplicating these services. This would save homeowners and cities many thousands of dollars.
Thousands of us want to see the state laws on annexation changed. Join us in Raleigh on Dec. 17 as we attend the meeting of the Legislative Committee on Municipal Annexation. We have chartered a bus for the trip.
ó Larry G. Wright
Let the majority rule
This it to comment on the Dec. 8 letter concerning the decision not to display Christmas trees in the libraries at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
I fully believe that it is about time that we, the people, take our country back. If there is a complaint, then the majority should make the decision. Take a vote on it and then go with the majority. One person, regardless of postion, should not have the authority to make a rule just because a few people are trying to force their wishes on the majority.
ó H. Ray Adams
China Grove