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Aladdin Jr.: Landis Elementary third-graders write reviews

The third-grade classes of Debbie Doom, Jennie Spriggs, Amy Vedeikis, Tracy Christy and Anna Moseley at Landis Elementary were among the Rowan County second- and third-graders who saw the Piedmont Players Theatre youth production of Disneyís Aladdin Jr. this week at the Meroney.
The show is open to the public at 7:30 p.m. today and at 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. Saturday. The show will also be performed at 1, 3 and 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 18. Tickets are $6. Call 704-633-5471 for more information.
Here are some excerpts from some of the Landis studentsí reviews of the play.

Todayís field trip was fantastic! We went to the Meroney Theater in Salisbury. My favorite character was the genie because he was the funniest and he was the coolest.
ó Marco Cordova

My favorite character is Jasmine. Iím going to beg my mom to let me go again so we can have fun. They all dress up and do parts. The show Aladdin is the best play ever.
ó Aleasha Custer

Everybody was excited! The lights turned off and everyone was silent. The curtains were up and the show was beginning. I was excited. There was five narrators that were girls. They had beautiful costumes. They sang and danced. My favorite character was the parrot; it was funny. But actually it was a girl with a puppet. It was the best play ever!
ó Vanessa Viveros

Today I went to see Aladdin Jr. The flying carpet was my favorite part.
ó James Robinson

It was the best play I ever saw. The genie was my favorite. Her real name is Ginny Weant. Sheís funny. My favorite song was iItís a Whole New World.î When the play was about to begin it got really dark. It was scary. I like the dark. I hope I go again. You should go.
ó Morgan Owens

My favorite part and character was the flying carpet. It had a great personality. I was disappointed because Abu was not in the play. Abu could have made a great character. I did think Jasmine was very beautiful.
ó Logan Weaver

Today I saw the play Aladdin Jr. and I thought the cast was so energetic. My favorite part was when the purple and gold carpet flew high up. The part I did not like was that the play was not as long as the movie was and they didnít have all of the characters in the play.
ó Brooke Royal

I liked it when Jafar disappeared after he made a wish to the genie to be the powerfullest genie. It was so cool, because it was like it was really happening.
ó Meggan Dancy

I liked the part when Aladdin and Jasmine were flying on the magic carpet.
ó Christopher Marquez

I liked Aladdin because I liked the way he sings. I liked Jafar because he is scary and mean.
ó James Stepp

I liked everybodyís costumes. I loved it. I hope that I get to go again.
ó Sierra Brown.

I like the genie because she was funny. I liked when she was free. I liked when she was acting silly.
ó Tony Blackmon

The best part was when Aladdin got the genie.
ó John Jones

I like the part where Aladdin and Jasmine got on the magic carpet. When they did that, it was like magic! There was smoke coming from under it. And they acted like it was real.
ó Leslie Sanchez

I like when Jasmine married Aladdin. I liked it because her dad had changed.
ó Tamia Washington

I liked when all of the playís actors were singing. They sounded so good.
ó Morgan Gentle

My favorite character was the genie. She was my favorite person because of her costume. I also like her because sheís funny.
ó Brett Amburn

My favorite character in Aladdin Jr. was Genie because she was so so funny. Everybody thought that they were genieís master but genie just wanted to be free. I mean how would you feel if you had to do everything somebody told you to do? I know I wouldnít like it. Iím so glad that I got to go to see Aladdin. I loved it.
ó Addie Wise

I like when Jafar turned into a genie. He really looked like he was shrinking.
ó Bailey Graham

I liked when they started to sing and dance. The songs were great.
ó Jahlynn Van Allen

I like Jafar because he had the coolest outfit. The boy who played Jafar had good acting skills. The best part was when Jafar disappeared. It was cool when he fell on the floor. It was a really good play.
ó Matthew Donahue
My favorite character of Aladdin Jr. was Iago. Iago is cool. Iago is funny. I liked when Iago was talking about Jafar not listening to him.
ó Anna Gobble

I like Jasmine because her outfit is cute and my favorite color was on it.
ó Ali Smith

Aladdin was a fantastic play. It was a great show. Haily Weddington did a great job. The singing was brilliant. Everybody did a fantastic job.
ó Taryn Anderson

I liked Jasmine because she is cool. She wants to decide things on her own. I also liked the part where Jasmine and Aladdin were on the flying carpet. It made it look like they were flying in the sky. I really liked the play.
ó Johnathon Forrest

The play was cool. I liked when Aladdin was turned into Prince Ali Baba and his hat was backwards.
ó Tanner Morton

I liked when the genie came out of the lamp. She was funny. She walked and danced funny.
ó C.J. Crouse

What I liked most about Aladdin Jr. was when the magic carpet was flying in the air. What I did not like about the play is that Abu, the monkey, is not in the play.
ó Lacie Erwin

The genie was very, very funny. Jasmine was the best. She sings great. The prince was good also. The show was great.
ó Kaitlyn Wood

I liked the part when Aladdin first met Jasmine. I didnít like the part when Aladdin, Jasmine and her father got caught; it was the sad part.
ó Jared Johnson

I like Jasmine. I like her necklace and her earrings. Her outfit was pretty.
ó Misty Parson

My favorite character is Jasmine. I liked Jasmine because she looked pretty in her costume.
ó Joana Sanchez

My favorite character is Aladdin. I think he is cool. I liked the part when Aladdin and Jasmine flew on the carpet. I wish I was him.
ó Cole Talbert

We had so much fun. It was so beautiful I almost cried my eyes out.
ó Kim Cross

One of my favorite parts was when Aladdin and Jasmine got on the magic carpet and it started to fly. I was clapping so loud because it was so cool.
ó Haley Fischer

I like Jasmine because her singing was great. I like the song iA Whole New World.î I loved the part where Aladdin and Jasmine bumped into each other. What I thought was cool is the way they both wanted to be free. And the way the magic carpet flew up into the air was cool, but I could see the machine raising up the magic carpet. The play was really fun to watch, so I hope to see it again.
ó Taylor Morgan

I like Jasmine the best. She wore sparkly clothes all the time.
ó Brianna Nylin

My favorite part is when the magic carpet started flying. It was awesome. The play was fantastic and awesome, too.
ó Daniel Pelaez

My favorite characters were Jasmine, Aladdin and the genie. I liked Jasmine because she is very pretty and talented. I liked Aladdin because he was awesome in the play and he was sweet to Jasmine.
ó Marissa Robinson

The magic carpet was beautiful and terrific. I think it made me a little dizzy. It looked crazy. When it flew in the air I didnít think it was possible!
ó Taylor Wiggins

My favorite part of the play was where Aladdin and the princess flew on a magic carpet. I liked it when it lifted up and looked like it was flying. It moved sideways and up and down. I could actually feel the wind when it started to move. The play was not bad.
ó Kionna Bowles

I thought the genie was the funny one. She was the best one ever! She was so cool.
ó Drew McGee

The part I loved was when Aladdin and Jasmine got married. It was romantic. The play was similar to the movie. It was a good play.
ó Mercedes Hunter

What my favorite part was when the genie made the funny wish. My favorite part was when the genie kicked the air and said, iHow are ya!î
ó Jaylynn Bennett


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