District Court July 21

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 23, 2008

District Court
Abbreviation Key
CAAFóCourt-appointed attorney fee.
CSWóCommunity service work.
DCóDismissed by the court.
LDPóLimited driving privilege.
NAóNotice of appeal.
NGóNot guilty.
PJC/CóPrayer for judgment continued/court costs.
VDóDismissal without leave by district attorney.
Disposition of cases heard July 21 in Rowan District Administrative, Criminal, Traffic and Infractions Court by Judge Kevin Eddinger:
– Speeding ó Rinart Abeuov, Mohammad Rahman, $30 fine, court cost; Christopher Lee Allie, Erin Michelle Cook, Kyloe McCaw Hohman, Yolonda Yvette Holmes, Barry Pernell Mayo, Christopher A. Mundle, Mary Colleen Summers, Amber Nicole Tidwell, $15 fine, court cost; Denise Marie Devlin, Hezikiah R. Lawson, Mario Antonio Rianos, PJC/C; Lucille Hicks, $10 fine, court cost; Derek Gray Tolbert, also unsafe movement, $30 fine, court cost.
– Unsafe movement ó Robert Bain Andrews Jr., VD, also no commercial vehicle driver’s license, VD; Angel Denise Delgado, VD.
– Simple affray ó Floyd Andre Blakeney, also second-degree trespassing, 60 days, credit 30 days served, suspended, two years probation, $100 fine, court cost, stay away from 400 block of East Innes Street.
– Misdemeanor larceny ó Sherita Yvonne Chase, 45 days, suspended, 12 months probation, $100 fine, court cost, restitution, CAAF, 24 hours CSW; Odis Jackson Morrow, 45 days, suspended, 18 months probation, court cost, CAAF, restitution, not go to Food Lion in Kannapolis, proof of AA meeting attendance, also intoxicated and disruptive, VD.
– Misdemeanor probation violation ó Charlotte Elaine Cline, Jonathan A. Goodman, probation terminated successfully; Albert Mills Jr., probation terminated unsuccessfully; Cassandra D. Oglesby, 30 days, NA.
– Disorderly conduct ó Brianna Brawyin Downs, PJC/C; Olivia Carolyn Willis, 30 days, suspended, 12 months probation, $100 fine, court cost, 24 hours CSW, transfer to Catawba County.
– Resisting public officer ó Christopher E. Evans, 36 days, credit 36 days served.
– Driving while impaired ó Jose J. Gomez-Santiago, six months, suspended, 24 months probation, transfer probation to Wake County, $400 fine, court cost, 72 hours CSW, also speeding and no operator’s license, VD; Millard Daniel Moore, 60 days, suspended 12 months, $100 fine, court cost, LDP, 24 hours CSW, also driving left of center, VD; Roger Dale Wall, 120 days, suspended 24 months, $200 fine, court cost, 48 hours CSW.
– Improper equipment ó Paula Michelle Hall, $50 fine, court cost.
– Failure to comply with license restrictions ó Reynaldo T. Herrera, VD.
– Window-tinting violation ó Christopher L. Johnson, VD.
– Motion pray judgment 90-96 ó Alex Christopher Kinder, two charges, 45 days in one case, suspended, 24 months probation, $100 fine, court cost, 45 days in second case at expiration of first sentence, suspended, 24 months probation; Terrence Orlando Phifer, continue on probation.
– Failure to reduce speed ó Kayla Marie Lepke, Dawn Laforge Lohman, VD.
– Failure to notify Department of Motor Vehicles of address change ó Walmore Adali Magana, $50 fine, court cost, also expired/no inspection sticker, VD; Martha Jean Pinnix, $50 fine, court cost.
– Resisting public officer ó Calarmel C. McKenzie, 30 days, suspended, six months probation, $200 fine, court cost.
– Operating vehicle with no insurance ó Melissa Lee Ott, also possessing/displaying fictitious, cancelled, revoked registration card/tag and driving while license revoked, DC.
– Misdemeanor probation violation out-of-county ó Melissa Jane Rogers, two charges, 45-day sentence activated in each case.
– Possession of up to 1/2 ounce of marijuana ó Leepo Jaamal Russell, 15 days, credit one day served.
– Driving while license revoked ó April Dawn Saylor, PJC/C, also speeding, VD, also possessing/ displaying altered, fictitious, revoked driver’s license, VD; Mikie O’Neil Warren, 30 days, suspended, 12 months probation, $200 fine, court cost, 24 hours CSW, transfer to Gaston County; Travis Wade Watson, also expired/no inspection sticker, DC.
– Breaking or entering ó Joshua Brett Sumlin, NG, also injury to real property, NG.
– Simple assault ó Rebecca D. Wilson, DC, frivolous prosecution.