Detective: Drye said she slapped, tied up victim

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 1, 2008

By Jessie Burchette
Candice Jo Drye told Salisbury Police she slapped Dr. David Boyd and knocked him out after he didn’t give her $3,000 he had promised her, a Rowan County magistrate said.
An employee found the 47-year-old dentist’s body Thursday morning in bed at his home at 9 Pine Tree Road, adjacent to the golf course at the Country Club of Salisbury.
Police Detective J.D. Barber told Magistrate Joe McGee that Drye said she “b—- slapped” Boyd hard enough to knock him out, but later said the slap didn’t knock him out.
Police did not specify to McGee the reason Drye gave for expecting money from Boyd.
On Friday, Drye’s stepfather, Jerry Cruse, said Boyd had agreed to loan Drye money to rent an apartment for herself, her boyfriend and their three young children.
Cruse did not say how much money Drye was expecting to receive from Boyd. He said his steppdaughter went to see Boyd last Wednesday to get the money.
Drye claimed that she tied Boyd up, binding his feet together and to the footboard of the bed and tying his hands together and to the headboard, McGee said.
The employee found Boyd’s body in what police described as a side leaning position, almost off the bed.
The detective also told McGee that there was blood on the side of Boyd’s head and on the bed.
McGee said he asked if a rope or anything else was around Boyd’s neck when the employee found his body. Barber said there was not, though the employee who discovered Boyd’s body told a 911 operator that there was a cord around Boyd’s neck.
McGee said that while he doubted Drye was physically capable of tying up Boyd, he issued the warrant based on the fact that Boyd was dead and there appeared to be a certainty that she was involved.
According to Rowan County Detention Center records, Drye stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 125 pounds.
Police also indicated that the house was ransacked in an effort to find the $3,000.
Police said they found a laptop computer outside the front door of Boyd’s home.
Barber brought Drye to the Magistrate’s Office around 11:30 p.m. Thursday. Police have not specified the exact time of Boyd’s death.
McGee said that when he asked Drye if she understood the charges, she did not speak, but nodded her head to indicate she did.
She is being held without bond in the Detention Center under special watch, according to staff.
Since Drye’s arrest Thursday, two more people have been arrested in the murder and police say others may be charged.
Christopher Allen Boyd, 31, of 873 Oakwood Villa Drive, Kannapolis, and Jonathan Alexander Barnett, 18, of 6276 Old Salisbury Road, Kannapolis also face murder charges.
Boyd and Barnett are cousins and Boyd is the brother of Drye’s boyfriend. Christopher Boyd is not related to Dr. David Boyd.