letters to the editor

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lincoln Park Pool:
Think big, real big
Much to the chagrin of some folks at the First Calvary Baptist Church, the city of Salisbury is hinting that it might fill in the Lincoln Park Pool (Jan. 24 Post article). The Baptists think that unwise, as it is one of the few recreational facilities available to lower-income families. I agree.
My Bible study tells me that the “haves” should help the “have nots.” So, the day of the Post article, I drove to Lincoln Park and walked the area. It’s nice, clean and spacious, but the playground is woefully inadequate. So, let us all (First Calvary, the town, citizens, merchants and civic clubs) pitch in, work together and see to it those so-called have-nots have an even better place to recreate.
In a previous locale, our town had a community project that realized such a place. A small group of citizens (think First Calvary) headed up the project and began by raising funds to purchase a “Kids Kastle” kit. The group of citizens worked together and assembled the pre-fab kit, which yielded a tremendous playground that would likewise easily fit into Lincoln Park. To go with that playground, let the town build a “splash/spray” area, complete with a new swimming pool. Let us not put all the financial burden on the town; instead, challenge the citizens and merchants to raise funds, with the town matching those. I will provide the first $100 donation.
On a more immediate note, I will donate some of my time as a Red Cross certified lifeguard to negate situations where kids are kept outside waiting for someone to leave before they can enter the pool (safety reasons ó one lifeguard per 25 swimmers).
Let’s just do it!
ó Ty Cobb
Trouble with trucks
I travel Harrison Road several times a week and have noticed over the past few years large trucks parking along the shoulder. It started out as a small area near the traffic light at Executive Drive and has expanded to several areas along the road from Jake Alexander Boulevard to Executive Drive.
The Department of Transportation has placed gravel along the “parking” areas due to trucks destroying the grass and leaving deep tire ruts.
Harrison has become unsightly to travel.
Why do they park there instead of in the large common carrier lot near the frozen foods warehouse?
Does Food Lion not allow truckers to park in this large parking lot? It could hold 100 trucks, but they won’t or can’t park there.
There are also the two truck stops on Peeler Road.
I wanted to adopt Harrison Road for trash pickup through the N.C. DOT’s Adopt-A-Highway program, but I am having second thoughts because of how terrible it looks.
Now that the city of Salisbury has annexed Harrison Road into the city limits, is there a law or ordinance against parking these big rigs along the shoulder of the road?
I’m sure this wouldn’t be happening in a nice upscale neighborhood without complaints to Salisbury Police.
ó James Lambert