Millionth shopper uses Bloom kiosk

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 10, 2007

One million Bloom supermarket shoppers have used an information kiosk to stock up on grocery tips.
The interactive stations provide more than 2,000 recipes, meal planning suggestions, wine and cheese parings, a price checker, an item locator and interactive games for kids. Shoppers can also upload their grocery list from their home computer and print it out on the informational kiosks in any Bloom store.
Bloom is a banner of Salisbury-based Food Lion, a subsidiary of Brussels-based Delhaize Group.
On average there are six “Getting Info is a Breeze” kiosks in each of Bloom’s 52 stores in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. They are typically located throughout the supermarket in or near such departments as produce, meat, wine and organic/natural foods.
ShoptoCook is a Buffalo, N.Y.-based manager of the kiosk network. It logs about 25,000 shopper interactions per week for Bloom.
“Bloom takes the hassle out of shopping and makes it fun and easy,” said Robin Johnson, Bloom’s director of marketing and brand development. “We have seen increased usage by guests of all ages. One million customers using the kiosk validates how accepted and valuable a tool it is.”
The information stations help shoppers solve their daily dilemma: What’s for dinner? Using the touch screen, they can figure out a meal plan, print a recipe and learn where to locate products in the store.
“We are pleased to be partners with Bloom and sharing the goal of engaging the consumer at a key point in the shopping experience,” said Frank Beurskens, CEO of ShoptoCook.