Track delays hurt owner and town

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 9, 2007

Track delay hurts owner and town
Ann Brownlee, how would like someone to come out to your house and property and tell you what you were going to do with your property? How would you like people wandering across your property without your permission? How would you like people costing you thousands of dollars a year, because they were holding up a project that you were trying to do?
This is just part of what you have done to these people. You not only have cost these people their money, you have cost the taxpayers of Spencer and Rowan County money, also. You have cost the town of Spencer a lot of pain and suffering. We, the people and the business community of Spencer, should be suing you and your association for the loss of economic development and other revenue. I hope someday you will wise up and leave people and their property alone. I also hope someday you will tell the truth about where you have gotten the money that you have spent to fight the race track, Duke Power and I-85 renovation work.
ó Steven L. Waddell
Build roads, not war
The Minneapolis bridge disaster was a terrible thing, and it brought home an interesting and valid point. These kinds of tragedies should not happen in America and don’t have to happen.
Our federal government has no money to fix bridges, resurface roads or make necessary repairs to our nation’s infrastructure. Do you know why? It’s because we are dropping millions of dollars a day on a war that we are not winning and that has no visible end, and we, the citizens, are paying for it!
Since our invasion of Iraq, terrorists have overrun a country where previously they had no presence; we’ve lost nearly 4,000 of our finest men and women and seriously maimed or disabled another 12,000. Many of our wonderful soldiers are on their third, fourth or fifth tour of duty in this hot zone, and no appreciable gains have been made. Osama Bin Laden, the man responsible for the tragedy of 911, is still at large, recruiting terrorists and wreaking his havoc on the world.
Being occupiers in Iraq has not stopped the terror attacks on Spain, England, Egypt, or put an end to the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis.
We have an administration that is reviled in much of the world, and we have allowed it to thumb its nose at our constitution, ignore basic civil rights of our citizens, and continue to ignore the devastation in New Orleans, not to mention failing to secure our borders!
When will we wake up and say, enough? Our bridges and roads are in serious danger in America, and, if not for this war, they could be repaired. As it is, many of our more wondrous manmade structures and our ecosystem remain on borrowed time.
Please remember this the next time you cross a bridge ó or go into a voting booth.
ó Jan McCanless
China Grove
Public should know
I am a firefighter at East Spencer. I am the one who chose to alert the media to the problems going on.
This dispute is not the Fire Department vs. town hall. I felt the citzens had a right to know the truth about what was going on.
The mayor did not order our gear; she was forced to in order to comply with the rules of the grant. Skipper Davis had nothing to do with the recent incident, and the mayor seems to be looking for someone to blame. I could give her a few suggestions.
Look in the mirror before you look around you.
ó Lt. Michelle Davis