To solve gang problems, dig into root causes

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 3, 2007

To solve gang problem, dig into the root causes
It is sad that young Treasure Feamster had to fall in gang violence for us to wake up to the gang problem. It was sad to see the pictures in the Salisbury Post of the young men arrested for possible implication in the shooting. Young handcuffed teens crying their eyes out, hopefully crying somewhat for little Treasure but certainly crying because their future is likely ruined.
Salisbury and Rowan County have made a good start toward addressing the gang problem. I was pleased to see so many concerned citizens and organizations participated in the June meeting on the issue.
While heavier involvement of law enforcement is part of the answer, there are many parts to a real solution. We must determine why the gangs exist and why our young folks choose to associate themselves with them. The solution(s) can only be found when the root cause is validated. Once that is known, and only then, can the problem be addressed.
Why do our youth join? Stressful life; absentee parents; the need to belong; coercion; fear; school dropouts; hopelessness?
When known or suspected gang members are brought into custody, we have a chance for professionals to interview them on the subject.
By uncovering the root cause(s), perhaps we could turn so-called gangs into positive entities. Help them address the root causes, then channel their energy and leadership toward the better good of the community.
Imagine “gangs” building houses with Habitat for Humanity!
ó Ty Cobb Jr.
Thanks for the assistance
On July 14, the Granite Quarry Fire Department held a pancake breakfast (fundraiser) for Kim and Charlie Beeker, and the response from our community was overwhelming. It is impossible to thank everyone for their inspired support; however, we would like to recognize as many as possible for the generosity shown in support of the Beekers.
The plates and donations from the pancake breakfast raised $6,837, while the Thrivent Financial for Lutherans donated an additional $1,600. A total of $8,437 was raised on July 14 to help Kim and Charlie with rising medical expenses.
This would not have been possible without the support of the following:
Members of the Granite Quarry and Union Fire Departments, Town of Granite Quarry Employees and Police Department. Debbie Suggs, for her donation of all food, M&K BBQ staff, the Rowan County Rescue Squad, F&M Bank, Jake Fisher, Chester Beck, Wittenburg Lutheran Church and Cheerwine for drinks.
We are proud to serve and be associated with such a wonderful and generous community. God Bless each and everyone who donated their time, money and supported this great cause.
ó David Morris and Bill Fraley
Granite Quarry
David Morris is the Granite Quarry fire chief and Bill Fraley is deputy fire chief.
An inspirational event
Last Sunday evening at 4 p.m., I witnessed a revival of a special kind of music at Trinity Presbyterian Church. It was like a breath of fresh air. The voices were the combined voices of the black Presbyterians of the Salem Presbytery.
Under the direction of Dr. Kevin Levon Sloan, the singing brought back memories of Price High School’s choir, as well as the famous Wings Over Jordan choir of the 1950s. They were magnificent. It made me proud to hear these sounds coming forth again.
This group will be in concert again in September. They will perform at Grace Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem. Those who love this kind of music are sure to be there.
ó Annie Veen M. Davis
Thievery is too common
This is for the thief who decided he had to have our yard furniture and stole it! The Bible says, “Thou shalt not steal.” You blew that one, didn’t you? You need to leave alone what honest people have worked hard for. Why don’t you get a job to buy what you want? Of course, it’s easier to steal from someone else than to make an honest living. A common thief like you probably can’t read this anyway. May God have mercy on you. I’m just tired of criminals having all of the rights and free run to do whatever they want in this country. We need to put the criminals in their place once again.
ó Eunice Goodman