Carolina Mountains Literary Festival

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 27, 2007

The Carolina Mountains Literary Festival will be Sept 14 and 15 in Burnsville, featuring workshops, book signings and entertainment.
All writing workshops are $25 per person and last three hours. Registration has begun.
– “Nature as Metaphor”: a poetry workshop with Irene Honeycutt.
– “Writing Novels Editors Want to Buy” with Bill Brooks
– “Sensory Details in Fiction and Memoir” with Abigail DeWitt
– “Discovering Roots and Forming Wings”: a poetry workshop with Pat Riviere-Seel
There will be a panel with John Buchanan, Greg Massey, Seabrook Wilkinson, Dennis Conrad, Charles F. Price and Charles Baxley, “Making History Live through Literature.” The cost for this three-hour session is $50 per person.
On Friday night, the monthly Java Jam series by the Toe River Arts Council features The Menage. Tickets are $10 per person and include coffee and a dessert.
Saturday night is the literary festival’s banquet with readings/performances by Glenis Redmond and John Ehle.
For a complete schedule, times and locations, visit the festival’s Web site,
Many events will be repeated throughout the weekend.
Here’s a sample of some of the workshops, readings and lectures:
– Book signings and chances to meet the authors will occur throughout the weekend.
– “Roots & Wings:Integrating Children’s Literature into the Elementary and Middle School Curriculum.
– “Recording Local Oral History,” an intergenerational story sharing.
– Capturing the Blue Ridge in Word and Art.
– “Cataloochee,” Wayne Caldwell.
– Women in Traditional Music: What the Songs Say about Women and the Women Who Sang Them.
– Keeping Books Alive: Book Clubs and Their Influence on Readers.
– Poetry reading, Kathryn Stripling Byer.
– All Governments Lie: Remembering a Rebel Journalist
– A reading of mountain mysteries, Vicki Lane.- Joan of Arc: Lights of Madness, nonfiction exploration.
– Nor the Battle to the Strong, a novel of the American Revolution, Charles Price.
– Readings by Isabel Zuber.
– History and Hearsay: Crafting a Story from Facts and Oral Tradition.
– Roots and Wings: local women read.
– Poetry reading, Seabrook Wilkinson.
– No Turning Back, a poetry reading, Pat Riviere-Seel.
– A reading, Michael Parker.
– Blow the Tannery Whistle Storytelling.
– Making History Live in Education and Journalism, Dennis Conrad, Charles Baxley, Christine Swager, Preston Russell and Charles Price.
– Challenges of Teaching Creative Writing, Peter Turchi, K.S. Byer, Michael Parker, Rick Chess and Pat Riviere-Seel.
– Poetry reading, Robert Morgan.
– Waiting for the Trout to Speak & More, poetry.- Teller Tales: What Sweet Lips Can Do ń Drama and the American Revolution.
– Leading a Good Book Discussion with Lee Smith’s “Agate Hill.”
– “Refuge, “Dot Jackson.
– Who’s Driving This Bus? A reading and Q&A.- Western North Carolina: A Popular History.- Getting Published /The Editors’ Perspective Sheryl Monks, Kevin Watson, Stephen Kirk, Irene Honeycutt an M. Scott Douglas.
– Creating Stories from Facts and Imagination.- From Historian to Novelist, Writing A Novel about The Cold War.
– Brave Enemies: a novel of the American Revolution in the Carolinas, Robert Morgan.
– Getting Published/The Writers’ Perspective, Dot Jackson, Katey Schultz and Britt Kaufmann.
Poetry reading, Hunter James.
A Soldier’s Story of Iraq — Jeff Howell’s Words.
Readings, Sheryl Monks & Kevin Watson.
Roots to Wings: The Writing Process, Isabel Zuber & Kathryn Stripling Byer LA
Thoughts on the American Revolution: A Fiction Writer’s Perspective, Charles F. Price.