EMTs went above and beyond in fireworks accident

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 20, 2007

EMTs went above & beyond in fireworks accident
Two weeks ago, on July 4, I was involved in a ” fireworks fiasco” that occurred in Faith and that the Post reported in full detail. I would like to share what a wonderful job the EMTs that were treating me did. Mr. Reed Overcash and his partner Alan were very kind and professional. Given the situation, these two men treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. As the article stated, I sustained a burn in a very private area from a bottle rocket that had come into the car I was driving. My bottoms needed to be cut off of me, and believe it or not, I was not embarrassed with Mr. Reed Overcash taking care of me. The two of them could have laughed, as I would have if it had not been me, but instead kept me calm and comfortable.
In such a horrible situation, I cannot express how much I appreciate what they did. I realize it’s their job to take care of the injured, but they went above and beyond!
On a separate note, I would like to state that your reporting went a bit beyond disrespectful. To share with all of your readers that my underwear was burned to my skin was a little much, and nobody from your newspaper contacted me for information. Therefore, the quotes were not from my mouth but rather an outside source. The statement that my neighbor smelled strongly of alcohol was not only out of line but untrue. He was never tested for alcohol and your statement was completely unfounded.
This is just another example of why we all need to be extremely careful with fireworks. It was a situation that two adults let get out of hand, and we are truly sorry to all those that were involved. A lesson learned.
ó Donna Sarantou
Home sweet home
I have enjoyed many of the Post’s family-focused stories, but especially Sharon Randall’s July 16 article about “home is where you hang your heart.” In the midst of the usual news coverage of terrorism, illegal immigration, political differences and environmental concerns, it was a refreshing change to read about something as simple, yet difficult, as moving and finding comfort in yet another house.
As an Army brat, wife, mother and corporate executive, I have studied, visited and lived in various places around the world. I have lived in just about everything including: temporary housing that resembled military barracks, a multitude of flats, apartments and condos, a very small single-wide mobile home, and my grandmother’s rambling farm house. I have also built three rather nice houses.
However, I finally found my “home” when we moved to my husband’s home town ó Salisbury. After a lengthy property search, I knew the minute I walked into our “cottage” that it was THE one. Bless our real estate agent for her abounding patience! And even bless our friends and neighbors for their jokes about the never-ending deliveries of furniture, decorating materials, and the mountains of pine bark!
I still walk out to get the Post every day and say, “Thank you, Lord, for leading us home.”
Salisbury and Rowan County have much to offer if you just take time to look.
ó Celeste G. Ward
Thanks for your support
To neighbors and friends in the Churchland and Rowan County communities, thank you for the past 12 years you have allowed me to serve as your fire chief. As a member of the Churchland Fire Department since 1980, the safety of the community and the Fire Department mean a great deal to me and my family. I wish to thank you for your support over the years, your kindness to my family and the many thoughts and prayers that have obviously been with the entire Fire Department over the years.
We have seen many changes and grown exponentially during this time. Although I would not willingly leave my position, change is inevitable. I will continue to serve as a member of the Fire Department, and as a member of the board of directors. If you have any questions or concerns about the Fire Department, please still feel free to contact me at any time.
It has been an honor to serve beside the neighboring Millers Ferry Fire Department responders, Spencer Fire Department, Rowan County Fire Marshal’s Office and various other departments that have responded with Churchland FD over the years. I appreciate your support and assistance. I look forward to continuing to serve with you.
ó Kenneth E. Wright
Churchland Fire Department