Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 18, 2007

People who love their pets don’t ignore rabies shots
I am always amazed when I read an article that yet another so-called loved pet has been attacked by a rabid raccoon. There should be absolutely no reason at all that pet owners do not have their animals’ rabies shots kept up to date. I know that at least every spring, there are rabies clinics all around our area that charge a minimal fee to have your animals’ rabies shots brought up to date. As far as I am concerned, if you don’t “love” your pet enough to make sure your animal is inoculated, you should not own an animal at all. Also, if you treat your animal that way, I’d sure hate to see how you treat your own children!
ó Jennifer J. Doering
Great senior moments
I am a senior citizen and have attended the new “Lunch & More” meal site all this past week at John Calvin Presbyterian Church across from the VA Hospital on Brenner Avenue.
I go about 10:30 a.m. each morning, and the fellowship is wonderful. Everyone is so nice, and (site manager) Sam Warlick makes everyone feel right at home.
This was really needed in this area. We seniors need a little extra attention sometimes, and a nutritious meal!
The real plus is that I haven’t had to cook all week!
Thanks to all involved.
ó Shirley Corriher
An ‘old school’ lesson
I really enjoyed the Monday article by Steve Huffman “We’re still old school,” about Buddy Barringer and his radiator business. The photos by Jon C. Lakey pictured Buddy smoking while doing his hot and hard work.
Since smoking took away my dad when I was 11 years old, when I see someone smoking my heart is saddened. The childhood memories of my dad crying and begging for breath due to his emphysema are welded in my mind forever.
I hope that Buddy will consider flushing out his body from harmful tobacco.
ó Mike Sawyer
Birmingham, Ala.
Mike Sawyer is executive director of the anti-smoking group, I Will Never Use Tobacco, Inc.
An outpouring of support
The amazing outpouring of love during the recent pancake breakfast benefit for Charlie and Kim Beeker was, to say the least, overwhelming. Members of the Granite Quarry Fire Department, along with their families, answered the call of need for a brother.
Granite Quarry is blessed with a large contingent from the emergency services community. Sheriff deputies, police, EMTs and firefighters as well as their families put on a show of brotherhood and community unity for the Beekers. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all of these folks and the many citizens for this act of love. As for Charlie and Kim, my prayers are with you both, and may God truly bless you and bring you comfort.
ó Rev. Mark W. Williams
Mark Williams is chaplain for the Granite Quarry Fire Department.