Published 12:00 am Friday, July 13, 2007

Student has different view
of debate over uniforms
Regarding recent letters on school uniforms:
As a current student who wears uniforms, I feel as if people do not look at a student’s point of view. Yes, some think uniforms are cheaper, but in actuality, you have to buy two wardrobes instead of one. If you walk through a middle school, you can still tell whether one family is better off than another. There is no hiding the fact. Social groups can never be stopped; you will still have the popular and the unpopular and all in between.
Teachers think it helps academically, but wearing uniforms is not going to guarantee academics or good behavior or respect for each other. These things do not get taught at school; they should be learned at home. The clothing worn may not be socially acceptable, but uniforms are not an answer to this problem. Whether you wear uniforms or not, teachers are put to the task of checking students’ clothing on a daily basis.
ó Summer Curlee
A revolution for God
As usual a major “God” event took place in this country, and not one newspaper deemed it worthy of coverage. Approximately 90,000 young people filled the Tennessee Titans football stadium on Saturday, July 7, to fast and pray for our nation. For 14 hours they were on their faces before God to ask for mercy for this nation.
Wow! Forty years ago, the sexual revolution started in this country that led to a decline in the family, moral decline, legalized abortion and the list goes on. Saturday was the start of a call-out to God to bring an entire generation back to God. These young people want to see an increase in morality in this country; bringing fathers back to the children and making homes with moms and dads that love God and each other, and an end to abortion.
I was unable to attend; however, I did watch the entire event on GOD TV. Could I have spent an entire day on my face before God as these young people did? I don’t know, but I do know that these kids sought God, and I believe that they will see Him move in a mighty way in their generation! For those who have Direct TV, this is an amazing channel, 365, that will fill your house with the very presence of God. One day, maybe, our newspapers and news channels will realize that we Christians are not going away. We are going to continue to pray and we are going to continue to fill stadiums to capacity and God will be moving in such a way that local news, CNN and the Salisbury Post are going to have to take notice and start reporting both sides of the news. Watch out, United States of America, teenagers are praying and God is answering!
ó Wendy Roseman
China Grove