Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rowan missing the bus
on ways to cut spending
Judging from the June 19 article in the Post, the taxes will be raised, even with them being lowered. With revaluation, everyone’s taxes will be going up.
It would not be so bad if the schools part was used for education. If you look around the schools, buses and sports event, you will see money used for many projects other than aeducation. The taxpayer pays for fuel to run school buses, but many children do NOT ride the bus. They drive their cars. The buses are half empty. This is a waste of money. If a child rides to school in a car and causes excess use of fuel for the bus to come by their house, then that family needs to be charged what it costs to come by when their children don’t use the service. If they drive a car to school, then charge a parking fee of $200 per year to keep up the parking lot and cover the wasted bus fuel.
Stop wasting money on non-educational wants. Then there would be enough money to educate our children.
Rowan residents need jobs so they can pay taxes. Help us get industry back in this area, but do not give away all the income that would come in from new industry. We cannot afford it.
Many senior citizens are on fixed incomes, and last year, it took almost all we had to pay county taxes. With the increase from revaluation, we do not know what we will do. Seniors need to be treated as they are in other states ó no tax on property they own and live on.
Wake up, voters. You know who voted for the tax increase and who voted against it. Keep Tina Hall and Jim Sides in office so they can help keep taxes on a more even level.
ó Sarah W. Martin
Parks no longer for kids
This letter is for all the parents who have young children.
What is wrong with our parks? Well, the parks have bark in them. Who came up with this idea?
I can’t take my kids there because my 3-year-old fell and got bark pieces in his knees and hands. My 6-year-old fell and messed up his face. I feel that the parks are not made for children anymore, not little children, anyway ó maybe teenagers, grownups and dogs.
We can’t have a safe playground for our kids, but dogs can poop and dig up the grass.
What happened to sand for our kids to play in with their buckets. Sand provides a safe place to fall, unlike wood from a tree. Are there any other parents who feel that the bark is unsafe?
Also, our kids can’t ride on Hot Wheels, Power Wheels or even fly a foam airplane at our parks, but dogs can poop everywhere. Grownups can start fires and grill, but our kids can’t play.
Think on it. Parks aren’t for kids anymore!
ó Donna King