Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 13, 2007

They say change breeds change.
With the North Carolina Research Campus coming to Kannapolis, we should know all about change by now, right?
We do ó and to prove it, the Kannapolis Citizen is going to change right along with it.
Over the past several weeks, we’ve been preparing. Starting next week, you’ll notice some things that are different about the Citizen.
No more of the news that you can’t use when it’s a week late.
Instead, you’re going to get content that will thrill your senses (not literally, stop licking the paper). We’re going to make sure we get pictures of your kids, neighbors, their kids and everyone else in the paper.
If you don’t see your children’s names and pictures, and you just know they deserve to be in the paper, please send them to us.
That’s right. We want your pictures. We want your news. We want your kid’s names in the paper. So send it on. Share your photos with us ó be they serious photos of the dead snake your husband’s brother’s sister-in-law’s cousin shot in the backyard, or the fun picture of your son’s third birthday bash.
A greater emphasis on community-driven content is just one of the changes you will see in the Citizen beginning next week.
We’re going to get out into the community more, too.
Somebody’s got to visit the schools for pictures of the kids doing what they do best ó learning.
Somebody’s got to make sure the guys and gals who get arrested each week are embarrassed beyond their limits by putting their mug shots in the paper.
It’s a hard life, but somebody’s got to do it.
Get your scissors handy, because you’re going to be cutting a lot of news out of the Kannapolis Citizen in the coming weeks and from now on.
We’re going to be taking all kinds of news. Churches, start sending us pictures and stories about your youth groups, Sunday school classes and senior trips.
Civic groups, now’s your chance to see your good works in print (and get everyone else in the community to see it, too).
Boy Scouts, you’ve got to earn that journalism badge somehow. Send us your Scouting news and photos. Badges earned, awards received and more is what you’re going to see in print.
Parents, don’t let the schools and Scout leaders get lax on us. If it’s not in the paper, send it yourself or get onto your troop leader or teacher.
We’re excited about the changes coming ó in the city and in the paper.
You should be, too.

Joanie Morris is editor of the Kannapolis Citizen. She can be reached at 704-932-3336 or