Published 12:00 am Friday, June 1, 2007

Knox honors chorus
packs some real pop
I recently had the pleasure of accompanying the Knox Middle School eighth-grade honors chorus on their Spring Pops Concert, and even though it’s been well over a week since they performed, these young people have left quite an impression on me.
Martha Lassiter, their director, had approached me at the Catawba Singers’ Pops Concert a month before, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to help out her eighth-grade choir on account of her enthusiasm. She is truly proud of her students’ achievements, and I admire her dedication to producing an entertaining concert.
Their performance was well attended by family members, friends, teachers and administrators, including Principal Susan Heaggans. Considering that these students had been under the direction of Lassiter only since January and that this was the first pops concert for some members, this night was truly a success! Those who have performed in a choral pops concert can relate to the hard work and time these students put into it.
In addition to an array of musical genres, from madrigal to gospel to Broadway musicals, the choreography, props and costume changes provided even more entertainment for the audience. Diego Dela Cruz, a seventh-grade mathematics teacher, worked with the students behind the scenes, and the transitions between songs seemed like smooth sailing. It’s wonderful to see administrators and teachers support each other and their students.
Just about every choir member had the opportunity to sing a solo. It takes a lot of courage to do that in front of a crowd. Well done to you all!
I encourage my fellow Salisbury Post readers to attend a choral or band concert and discover talented students like the members of the Knox Middle School eighth-grade chorus, who prove that young people are motivated to achieve great things.
ó Jennie Brooks
An incredible season
I attended the Erwin Middle School athletic banquet last night, and I just had to give congratulations to the boys track team.
This was the second year they were undefeated and conference champions. Members tied or broke school records. They went undefeated in the pole vault, 1600 meter, 800 meter, 400 meter and 1600 meter relay races. There may have been others, but those are the ones I remember mentioned. The team’s coaches, Glenn Snowden and Victor Ubaldo, were great inspirations to these boys and worked hard for the team. Great thanks goes out to these two coaches. Now, four members, Taylor Lester, Eli Walton, Luke Wilkinson and Ben Hancock, are headed to the regionals on June 16, and hopefully from there to the Junior Olympics. Good luck, boys, and once again, congratulations to the whole team on a job well done! Thanks, boys and coaches, for an incredible season.
ó C.G. Johnson
Many positives
Even though I receive the SalisburyPost every day, it has been a while since I have taken time to do more than glance at a few headlines. My being a full-time student commuting back and forth to UNC-Charlotte everyday has probably contributed to that.
But today, I happened to look at the grant awards by the Robertson Foundation and the History and Art Trail update. I couldn’t help but be reminded of what a conscientious and fortunate small city we inhabithere. Having just welcomed new residents into the Brooklyn-South Square Historic District from Sarasota, Fla. ó who were drawn to Salisbury after visiting here last summer ó I think it deserves mentioning that, while not perfect, city staff and city council are doing a good job of maintaining Salisbury’s identity; an importantfact that probably gets lost amidst public debate from time to time.
ó Preston Sale
On duty in Landis
This letter is to acknowlege that even with all the negatives Landis police have faced, they never paused in their service to the public. On May 28, we reported the theft of our son’s and a neighbor’s bicycle. Officer Benfield was the one who took the report, and the investigation went “up hill” from there. Within hours, both bicycles were recovered and returned. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chief Reggie Faggart, Officers Steve Benfield, Ken Honeycutt and Linda Porter and other officers not just for the quick action concerning the bicycles but for the people they are. Please join me in uplifting this department, which has had its share of criticism and adversity.
ó C.J. Nickelson