Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wildlife officers
improve lake safety
This letter is in reference to the May 28 article headlined “Holiday Patrol” and the section on Goat Island in particular.
I have been going to Goat Island for many years and hope to continue to go for many more. I don’t think it is fair for the citizens of Rowan and Davidson counties who frequent Goat Island to be labeled as bad people who let things get out of control. Eighty-five percent of the people who gather at “the Goat” are regulars from all walks of life (doctors, pilots, attorneys, construction workers, mechanics, laborers, truck drivers and everyday people). We all have gathered on the Goat for many years and have developed lifelong friendships. In life, you will always have a few bad apples in every crowd, but 15 percent doesn’t make the whole crop bad.
In closing, I would like to thank N.C. Wildlife officers J. Scott Isley, Jeremy Harrill and all the other officers who participated in the weekend enforcement on the lake. I’m the guy with the dark tan you referred to in your article operating the pontoon that was stopped three times in 21 minutes. I’ll admit it was a little aggravating, but I understand you guys have a job to do. I would like for you to know that I and all the other occupants of our boat appreciated the kindness, respect and professionalism you showed us during these stops. We have been stopped six times in the last two weeks. These stops happened in Rowan and Davidson, and we were treated the same. As the girl in the bikini told Officers Harrill and Flowers, thank you guys for keeping us safe!
ó David Wilson
We’ll be back
On May 22, my family and I visited your beautiful city while on a journey tracing the paths of our ancestors. We made our first stop at the Okey Dokey General Store while making our way to the Visitor’s Center. The merchandise brought back memories of a simpler time. However, it was the owner and employees who made our visit so memorable. They were all so very friendly and helpful. By the time we had visited the store for the fifth or so time that day, the owner invited us to pull up a stool and share a soda with him!
Our next visit was to Spanky’s, where we caught up with the “Daily Liars Gentleman’s Club.” The men in the “club” were so friendly and helpful. Upon meeting us and hearing of our quest, one gentleman took out his cell phone and started making phone calls on our behalf to our possible kin folks! These entertaining men were the highlight of our visit ó after a quick lesson on how to correctly pronounce Salisbury and Rowan County.
At the library, June Watson was so eager to help us out. She provided us with valuable information. We look forward to a long relationship of information sharing with her. What an awesome woman!
We left with heavy hearts and wishes for more time to spend with you. We will always recall our visit with you with warm memories and smiles. We were touched by your warm welcome, friendliness and eagerness to help. Thanks for making our visit so wonderful. We look forward to a return visit soon.
Last, but certainly not least, many thanks to the lovely tour guide we met at breakfast at the IHOP. Though she is a transplant to Salisbury, she is your most eager advocate for the tourism of your town.
ó Victoria (Messamore) Geraghty
Mount Washington, Ky.
ó Toni (Messamore) Martin
Evansville, Ind.
ó Don Messamore
Dawson Springs, Ky.
My purpose for writing you is to voice my concern over the Salisbury Post choosing to drop Cal Thomas’ column. I hope you will reconsider this decision and begin publishing his column again.
As a Christian, pastor and citizen, I believe in the sanctity of life, and I do not believe in abortion. Mr. Thomas’ views on the abortion issue and consistently voicing the truth about abortion issues is an important voice, and I will miss his column.
Thank you for what you do for the Citzens of Salisbury-Rowan in putting out a paper to keep us informed and abreast of what is going on in the county and our world. Your concern regarding family values and religious freedom is very much appreciated.
ó Gene Sides
Editor’s note: Gene Sides is the pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church.