Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Busy beavers create problems
I recently read about the flooding which occurred below Gold Hill at the intersection of N.C. 52 and Beatty Ford Road and the damage it did to a business there.
The cause was a clogged highway drainage pipe that turned out to have been dammed up by beavers. Highway pipes arent the only thing being clogged up by beavers. All of our creeks in Rowan County are, too.
I live on Lowerstone Church Road outside of Rockwell, near Dutch Second Creek. We have three spring heads that flow into the creek. We used to backhoe the ditches open so these spring heads could flow more easily into the creek. Now, if we opened up the ditches, the creek would back up into the spring heads because the flow of the creek is so slowed by beaver dams.
I have been told that the wildlife agency brought these beavers intentionally into our area years ago. I fail to see any good the beavers have brought. I do see standing creek water, which is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and a public health hazard.
The beavers and their dams must be controlled or eliminated.
Roy Goodman
Exciting candidate
I have never been more excited about a governors race than with Bill Graham running in all my 53 years. This man cares enough to spend his own money to help stop the madness from Raleigh with taxes on gas. How much more could he do with the people backing him?
I received an e-mail from him asking for my support, and I sent him a list of my priorities I thought our next governor should work toward. I have found him to be very conservative with a heart for we, the people.
I have my eye on this man Bill Graham. When faced with choice of right or wrong, I find myself excited about this man of integrity and a shaker of politics. I hope he shakes Raleigh till only the good foundations of government are left standing.
Mike Tickle
My son over the weekend was jumped on and bitten by a neighbors dog. When we called 911, the first question we were asked was whether he needed an ambulance. The next statement was that the 911 operator would get right back with us and that we should stay off the phone. She did call us back and took down the pertinent information but informed us that, because the incident happened in the neighbors yard, the best she could do was to send an officer the next day to talk to the owner of the dog.
What would have happened if it had been worse than it was? If my son had needed an ambulance, would an officer have come out with it? She also told us that on the weekends, there was only one officer covering the county. Why? During the week they’re all over the place, why not on the weekend when more accidents are likely to happen, this upset me as much as my son getting hurt.
Jeanne Casper