Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 17, 2007

Somethings rotten
around Salisbury
I think we know what that rotten smell is around town. How can the City Council members vote themselves a 23 percent pay raise while police and others get a 3 percent cost-of-living token? Yes, Dave Treme, we are out of line with our neighbors. My 1996 water bill was $5.49. What part of no more increase or added-on fees do you not understand? Brother Dave, help us!
What about pay as you throw incentives or rewards for recycling? Why depend on the county programs? Are tax-paid public services a thing of the past, or just a brain-dead answering machine?
Let he who is without water step forward, unless he doesnt even live in the city. If we cant afford to pay our padded bills, how can poor people pay a $75 reconnect fee? Have mercy on us, Dave!
The Wal-Mart mentality of never-ending water in plastic bottles and Styrofoam cups has to stop. I put bricks in the toilet. I brush my teeth without running water. I catch rain water for plants. I guess I will have to urinate in the back yard or go at City Hall or go to the public hearing on May 15.
Save us, O Dave.
Clyde Overcash
A welcome sight
Well, praise God, I saw they are putting up a traffic light at Saw Road and the Millbridge Road crossing. I have lived over on Millbridge for 14 years, and we have needed this, especially now that the new school is on Millbridge Road.
Although I had never writter a letter to the editor, I previously wrote one about needing the light. I didnt think it would ever happen. Now, maybe there wont be so many wrecks there.
They were putting up poles this morning, Monday, May 7. I was told that was for the stop lights.
Cathy Tucker
China Grove