Letter: Support the liberals — bring them home

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 5, 2007

I support the lunatic liberals, really I do. It’s just their mission and goals I hate. I know that when their words and actions weaken the morale of our troops and give aid and comfort to our enemies, it is really for our own good.

I support the liberals! When their leaders travel outside of the United States and trash our government, it’s just that we don’t understand all the nuances of those statements. They are really defending our country!

So, yes, I support the liberals. After all, they only became liberals because they failed in school and had no other place to go; ending up in congress.

While supporting our liberals, for their own good, we must redeploy (liberalese for cut and run) them out of Washington. Bring them home now — while continuing to give them our full support.

— Joe Roberts