Letter: Support on war, not on immigration

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 29, 2007

After reading about the State of the Union Address, I still support Bush regarding the terrorist attack on America and I surely support the troops that are fighting for us. They are laying their lives on the line so we can safely sit around and argue about it.

Bad, bad … shame on us, and who can be right? What about those young soldiers? When arguing, we never say anything about them. Those GIs are doing the best they can to keep the enemy out of the United States.

I do not support Bush’s stand on illegal immigrants crossing our borders. I believe he sold us out, and he definitely sold out the Republican Party. No wonder it lost so many seats in the last election. The RepubIicans will lose again until there is action taken to restrict the flood of illegal immigrants coming into this country.

Maybe we should buy Mexico like we bought Alaska. Mexico has a lot more oil. If we made it a state, then the illegals could all go home and work there, and because there would be plenty of jobs , we could all go down there and get a $6 per hour job like we are providing for them here.

Like it or not, that is the way I feel.

— Harold Holder