Letter: Church should change agenda

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 29, 2007

I write as one who has been referred to as “a recovering Southern Baptist.” Presently the church is head over heels gallivanting around Scripture to justify its political activities pertaining to abortion, illegal aliens, war, homosexuality, the apocalypse and establishing the nation as a theocracy.

Scripture has never depicted Jesus as a prop to back up any political candidate, Republican or Democrat. Both the right and the left have a false Jesus. A Jesus created in their own image and not a Jesus of the New Testament. Jesus didn’t come to answer the world’s sociopolitical quandaries or to usher in an improved version of the kingdom of the world. He came to redeem the world and offer an alternative kingdom.

Why not let someone else run the government, fight wars, struggle for power, money and fame? The church has a different agenda. We need to imitate our Lord and try to live lives of forgiveness, reconciliation, serve the poor, visit the imprisoned, a seniors home, be good parents, join an environmental organization, love our enemies and pray for those who would do us harm. We should come together to worship in awe and praise, get serious about the study of Scripture and its proper application.

We need to laugh, cry, hug, celebrate, let or make justice roll, provide pre/post marriage enrichment sessions, relationship classes for remarried couples with children; classes for children whose parents are contemplating divorce and provide youth programs. We need to prove to the world that Jesus’ teachings make sense to live fulfilled lives.

I know that if pastors take these ideas too seriously, they might get fired. However, I have discovered in my own ministry that when someone has a problem with me or what I’m saying, I am more than likely doing or saying something right.

— Guy F. Fisher