Letter: To assimilate, learn English

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Regarding a proposal to make English the official language of Cabarrus County:

It has come to the point, in order not to waste millions of tax dollars, we must have a law explicitly stating English as the only language used for government transactions. I never expected anything like this could ever be an issue, but here it is. We must now take steps to protect our very language from changes others seek to impose.

Part of the process of becoming an American citizen is adaptation to customs, norms, laws and languages of the new country of which you choose to become part. The many people that choose to become legal citizens understand assimilation. Assimilation does not mean losing your old heritage or customs; it just means that another has a greater priority now and you choose to support and defend our country’s continued acceptance of all people. If you have chosen unwisely, the way of illegal entry into the United States, you must be prepared to accept the consequences when caught.

I will do anything I can to help and to support those who choose to abide by the law, whether it is a temporary work permit or application for citizenship. I do not want my tax money used to print up alternative language documents, road signs or to modify military organization into “same language” units. The FAA requires all incoming flights to the United States have English speaking pilots; can we not do the same with our local city and state governments?

— Richard Faries II