Letter: Davidson who?

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 19, 2007

This is in response to Donald Morgan’s letter about Davidson not receiving coverage.

You must be reading a different paper than I am because Appalachian receives minimal coverage here (along with other lower division teams that have Salisbury ties). Recently we (Appalachian) have seen an increase, but that could be due to the fact we won two national football titles.

I will not dispute that Davidson has a great basketball team — they always do. But until they do something big they will not get the coverage they deserve. The Salisbury Post does the best job it can in covering sports, being a small paper; it can’t have coverage for everyone. Maybe if a few of us alumni from smaller schools would send in some current events from our schools, they might cover them a bit more.

Oh, and on Davidson beating App all over the court, I will say that this will be a great game, but I do not foresee a runaway beat-down from either school. The top two in the Southern Conference going head to head, this will be awesome.

People should check out the Southern Conference; there are a lot of great schools there and a lot of great sports. Go, Apps!

— Todd Sides