Letter: One terrible mistake

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 9, 2007

You have completely ruined Austin Moore’s reputation in this area and any future plans for a career. If you’re going to write a story, how about telling us the complete story!

He is an honorable student and has never been in any kind of trouble. This was a mistake that anyone could have made. He had been target shooting with friends the day before and made a terrible mistake by forgetting to remove the unloaded gun from his car before school the next day. There was no ammunition in the car. He went to put his coat in his car, realized the mistake that he had made and went straight to the officer on duty. Schools make students feel that they can do this and feel safe about it, but obviously, with the action they took, what they really wanted him to do is skip school to take the guns back home and then get suspended for leaving school property.

You have probably terrified parents of children that attend West Rowan High School for absolutely no reason.

— Keisha Miller