Editorial: Generosity shows

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 5, 2007

The community’s response to the Post’s 2006 Christmas Happiness fund was tremendous. It’s something that we here at the Post appreciate very much and will never take for granted.

The list of donors stretched on longer than ever, and once again the gifts broke our previous record, reaching a total of $75,456.31. The money helped provide Christmas gifts to more than 2,100 children in low-income families.

One generous donor suggested the Post consider listing donors and gifts but not the amounts, in order to put the emphasis where it ought to be — on those being honored or remembered. Many people give gifts to recognize others, and it’s a meaningful tribute. But the list of amounts is a form of accountability for the Post; donors can see that every cent they send us for Christmas Happiness is accounted for and goes to the Rowan County Department of Social Services. The integrity of the fund is very important to us.

Readers have partnered with the Post and Social Services to help children this way since 1952. Generations of children have benefited, probably without even knowing it. As for the Post, being trusted through the years to serve as the conduit for that kind of generosity is an honor. We can’t thank you enough.