Twitter Hashtags

What are hashtags?

Created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages, hashtags help you find relevant tweets using Twitter's search engine.
People use the hashtag symbol # before relevant keywords in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets to show more easily in Twitter Search.

Why is the Post using hashtags?

The Post uses hashtags to help organize conversations on Twitter for Rowan County. We've defined hashtags for specific issues to help people follow dialogue on Twitter about certain topics.

Can I use the Post's hashtags?

Please do! If you have a tweet that is relevant to a topic that we've started a hashtag for, we'd love for you to contribute to the conversation. Just include the hashtag in your tweet.
Like This: "I'm on my way to vote in the Salisbury City Council race. #rowanNCelect"

Including spaces, periods, or any other character in a hashtag will alter the tag, causing it not to appear in searches. For instance, # rowanNCelec will not appear in a search for #rowanNCelect

What are the Post's hashtags?

We add new hashtags all the time, and you can help us! But here's some of the hashtags the Post and other organizations have defined so far:

Ongoing Stories

#ncwx - weather related issues in North Carolina
#rowanweather - weather related issues in North Carolina

#fibrant - Any issues having to do with the city of Salisbury's fiber-optic project.
#rowcab - Rowan Cabarrus
#rowsalsschools - Rowan-Salisbury Schools
#RSScentraloffice - Central Office Feedback

Political Issues

#rowanNCelect - Rowan County election issues.
#ncga - North Carolina General Assembly

Regional Areas

#RowanNC - Rowan County News
#spencerNC Relating to the town of Spencer.
#salisburyNC Relating to the town of Salisbury.


#rowanlegion - Rowan County's baseball teams at legion.
#pigskinSP - Rowan County Football


#salisburypost - Relating specifically to the Salisbury Post.
#rowtraffic - Rowan Traffic. Wrecks, road closures, etc.
#9/11 - 9/11 - Thoughts and stories about where you were on 9/11.

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I want to suggest a community hashtag

Great! Just fill out the form below. If we think it's relevant and useful, we'll include it here so everyone else knows what it is.

Keep your hashtag short. Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet, and the hashtag counts as part of your character limit. A longer hashtag makes it harder to convey useful information.

Make your hashtag specific. For instance, the hashtag #fire would pick up any tweet including #fire, which is not very useful because thousands of people across the world will be tweeting about fires. But if you narrowed that to #rowanfire, that would be useful for discussing fires in Rowan. For a very big, single event, you can get even more specific. For instance, #webrdfire would have been a good specific tag for the Webb Road Flea Market Fire.