Crash Morrison: “complicated situation,” but he will continue garbage business solo

Crash Morrison, the owner of Rockwell based Crash Morrison Garbage Service and S.H.A.R.K.S. Recycling, says he will remain in business, by himself.

Customers of the longtime garbage collector have wondered for a week if their trash would be collected. Towns that have contract with him resorted to picking up their own waste.

A Post reporter made repeated attempts to reach Morrison last week, but did not receive a response.

This morning, Morrison said was on the brink of a stroke last week and was unable to work.

He said he will continue in business without wife Joanna, who was the company’s vice president. Morrison said the two have separated.

The couple reportedly terminated their employees and told some customers — including the towns of Landis and China Grove — they would no longer be in business.

Landis Public Works Director Steve Rowland said Wednesday he spoke briefly with Crash Morrison just prior to a special meeting the town board held. Morrison apologized, but did not offer a reason for the service interruption.

China Grove Town Manager Ken Deal said last week the couple met with him and told him they were closing their business.

When asked about his conversation with Deal, Morrison did not respond.

He did say that is he is working today to collect all of the garbage that wasn’t collected a week ago.

Morrison called the events of last week a “complicated situation.”

He said he understands Landis town leaders’ decision to go with another garbage contractor.

“I understand their position. They have every right to,” he said.

Morrison said it’s going to take some time, but his plan is to collect all of his customers’ trash by the end of the week.

Several other local garbage companies have Morrison in their names. They say they are not associated with the Rockwell company and continue to serve their customers.

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