Parents of missing teen Erica Parsons get eviction notice

The adoptive parents of missing teenager Erica Parsons were served today with a notice evicting them from their home and demanding nearly $26,000 in damages.

The father of Sandy Parsons filed the eviction for the Miller Chapel Road property, which he owns and rented to Sandy and wife Casey Parsons.

The Rowan County Sheriff's Office served the civil papers Wednesday afternoon to the home where Sandy and Casey have lived for more than two years.

The couple's daughter, Brook, told a Post reporter early Wednesday she was house sitting for them and that they were not home. Brook later said the eviction was “just a piece of paper.”

The paper is in fact a complaint filed by William and Janet Parsons, owners of the home where Casey, Sandy and their children have lived since April 2011. That included Erica Parsons until late 2011, the last time she was seen in Rowan County.

Casey and Sandy have been in the public spotlight after Erica was reported missing nearly two months ago by James Parsons, the couple's biological son. James told Rowan County Sheriff's detectives he'd not seen his sister for nearly two years.

Casey and Sandy have said they allowed Erica, then 13, to live with her biological grandmother, a woman they knew as Irene “Nan” Goodman.

Rowan investigators and family members have said Irene Goodman does not exist.

The civil court paper filed today says William and Janet Parsons are seeking a total of $25,863.58 in damages including removing fencing, landscaping bricks and an air conditioner. They say Casey and Sandy Parsons owe them for rent and breached a condition of their lease.

Casey and Sandy Parsons have said they were moving to Fayetteville — and took furniture, appliances and other possession out of the home recently — but neighbors have seen Sandy and Casey at the home.

The Parsonses have not been charged with a crime, but investigators have said they have been uncooperative in their search into the teen's disappearance.

Casey and Sandy are expected in court regarding the eviction October 7. See more in Thursday's Post.

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