Police: Two men attempt to rob former co-worker

Robert Isenhour
Robert Isenhour

Two Salisbury men were charged this weekend with trying to rob a man who knew their identities.

And the victim’s girlfriend foiled the would-be robbers’ efforts by yelling for help, authorities said.

Salisbury Police said the victim, Neil Hooper, saw a suspicious silver car drive by his apartment twice. He was heading inside, but he approached the vehicle when it circled back.

Hooper told police he recognized the driver as Robert Charles Isenhour and the passenger as David William Lutz. There was a third person in the vehicle, who Hooper didn’t recognize.

Hooper once worked at Isenhour’s landscaping company.

Police charged Isenhour, 35, also known as Ike, of the 100 block of Epperson Road, with felony robbery with a dangerous weapon. Lutz, also 35, of the 100 block of Oakview Drive, was also charged with felony robbery with a dangerous weapon.

A police report said Hooper told the men he was in a hurry and had his two nieces in his car. Lutz got out of the vehicle and pointed a gun at Hooper’s chest and demanded money.

Hooper said he didn’t have any money.

Isenhour got out of the driver’s side and said, “You’re going to give it up.”

Hooper’s girlfriend, who was inside his car with his two nieces, began screaming. A neighbor heard the screaming and ran outside. The girlfriend told the neighbor that Hooper was being robbed.

The two men jumped back into the car and drove away. The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office sent a deputy to Isenhour’s home on Epperson Road where the two men were a rrested.

Both Lutz and Isenhour remain in the Rowan County jail, each under a $5,000 bond.

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