Letters to the editor - Saturday (8-31-2013)

  • Posted: Saturday, August 31, 2013 12:03 a.m.

N.C. sales tax increase is wrong revenue solution

Our good Governor McCrory has been ill-advised on raising the sales tax. The advisers make the mistake that other states make by raising taxes. For many years I owned a Chevrolet dealership in Pennsylvania, and when business fell off, we cut expenses and I would cut my own salary.

Government should operate like a business by cutting spending and cut back on wasteful projects. The only good thing in Pennsylvania was that when taxes were raised, food and clothing were tax exempt.

Our N.C. laws are very bad in several ways. Mopeds and scooters with no insurance are an outrage. Vehicle inspection laws are very loose. There should be no vehicles allowed with cracked glass or broken windshields. Mud flaps should be required on all trucks and trailers. There should be no hanging or broken sheet metal. Inspection laws should be enforced. Also, why don’t people use turn signals and why do they drive too fast, over the posted limits?

The time has come to change the way we charge for taxes. There should be a flat tax for everyone who has a job. The Constitution states that Congress is the only body of government that can levy taxes and issue money. They must do that now and stop playing games with the public. The president should insist on some action on taxes and have a real reform of all tax laws which are not working.

North Carolina should be able to place a tariff on all textile goods imported from foreign countries. Many of these countries have built factories with cheap labor, low safety standards and low taxation. We must have our state be the leader in textiles it once was, by restoring fair competition with other countries of the world. North Carolina would not have to have a sales tax if they did so. We need real tax reform. Our government is responsible for a great lie, that by raising taxes they will create many jobs. That is a real puzzle.

— Victor Farrah


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