Two masked men break into occupied home, try to shoot woman

Police are trying to determine who broke into a South West Street home and held its occupants at gunpoint.

Antonio Wright, his roommate Alex Boler and Wright’s girlfriend, Satara Whitfield, were just about to eat a late supper after midnight this morning when they were surprised to find two masked gunmen in the home.

Whitfield had just taken a plate of food into a bedroom when she saw two men inside a closet. The men had blue bandannas over their faces and one of them pointed a handgun at Whitfield. He pointed the gun, called her an expletive and pulled the trigger, she said, but the gun jammed.

Wright and Boler heard Whitfield scream. One of the suspects held onto Whitfield by the arm and walked with her into the living room area. Boler and Wright took off, one of them hiding in another part of the house and the other jumping out of a window.

Investigators believe the masked men gained entry into the house via an air conditioning window unit. One of the residents told investigators he saw a white or light-colored sport utility vehicle leave the house that he thought was either a GMC Envoy or Dodge Durango.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Salisbury Police at 704-638-533 or Crime Stoppers at 704-639-5245.

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