Letters to the editor

  • Posted: Friday, August 23, 2013 12:27 a.m.
    UPDATED: Friday, August 23, 2013 1:41 a.m.

Isolating children is a big mistake

After reading how little Erica Parsons was “home schooled” and isolated from the outside world, I was greatly disturbed by this entire concept.

While I’m sure some parents do a wonderful job with this, I think it is a great mistake to isolate children from the outside world. These children, as adults, will need to have relationships with all types of people, all races and all religions and those that have no belief in a deity.

When they are only subjected to one religious choice, their freedom to choose whether they want to adhere to this or choose another path for their lives is severely curtailed.

Even though the term “brainwashing” is rather severe, it pretty much fits the bill in a lot of cases. Public schools certainly aren’t perfect, but neither is the world we live in. Give children the right to choose their own path.

— Robin Hager


Shooting risky

I am writing regarding the Aug. 20 front page article “Remembering ‘NuNu’ ” which resulted from an interview with the mother of a young man killed by a shotgun blast in a truck a few weeks ago. My prayers are with this lady and her family and I have full confidence in District Attorney Brandy Cook making the correct decision regarding prosecution in this case, after taking into account the facts and the law.

I do not wish to cause this grieving mother any additional grief, but I am concerned that the article revealed that she allowed his friends (after getting permission from her neighbors) to shoot his “Russian sniper rifle” into the air a number of times. The only possible rifle candidate would be one that fires the 7.62X54r Russian round, which will easily fly more than five miles through the air before landing with considerable, if not lethal, force.

There is a Cabarrus County lawsuit pending right now where an identical round pierced a woman’s leg miles away from the point from which it was fired, possibly after ricocheting off of blue plastic oil barrels. Even the diminutive .22 rimfire round will travel up to a mile when fired into the sky.

It is never safe to fire a firearm into the air with the possible exception of shotguns firing bird shot shells which are designed to fall after a short range. All other firearms should be fired into suitable targets in front of an earthen bank only. Discharging other weapons into the air is an act fraught with hazard and likely to result in considerable civil and criminal liability.

— Todd Paris


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