Letters to the editor - Saturday (8-17-2013)

  • Posted: Saturday, August 17, 2013 12:32 a.m.

Liberal attacks demonize, distort new election laws

The announcement that the NAACP and ACLU have filed lawsuits to block the recently passed changes to N.C. election laws comes as no surprise. For months, liberal groups have worked under a strategy to deceive, demonize and destroy conservative efforts and individual representatives. This effort is no different.

Statements made by “the left” have howled in protest that the changes (institution of a photo ID, shortening the number of days for early voting and elimination of same-day registration and voting) will disenfranchise certain whole groups from voting rights. Such emotional rhetoric cannot be proved, and the lawsuits should be dismissed summarily.

First, there’s been no election since the bill was signed into law. Hence, there cannot be any proof that anyone has had their right to vote denied. Unless and until proof of such disenfranchisement is made known, the law is valid.

One of the arguments against the necessity for such changes is that voter fraud is rare and thus there is no need for such legislation. The first question that should be asked in response is: “How much fraud is acceptable?” Shall we be satisfied if such fraud is 5 percent? How about 10 percent? We can point to at least one election that was decided by less than 1 percent (Rep. Harry Warren, 2010).

Election fraud does exist in North Carolina. In April, the Pasquotank County Board of Elections met to hear 60 challenges to voter eligibility. Of those, 57 challenges were sustained — meaning those ballots were cast fraudulently. There are other examples, but this case is sufficient to prove the point: election fraud is easy (under laws current for the 2012 election).

I expect action by the N.C. Board of Elections to publicize and educate the public on the changes included in the new legislation. Until then we should dismiss the howls of protest.

— M.H. Clements


Fan-tastic support

Rufty-Holmes Senior Center has completed another successful Summer Fan Program, with generous assistance from the Duke Energy Foundation. As always, we received wonderful support from community agencies, city and county offices, and also from the Salisbury Post and Senior Savvy.

We were able to donate box fans to 107 citizens of Rowan County. Many thanks to each person who helped us to publicize this event.

— Susan A. Davis


Susan Davis is the Summer Fan Program coordinator for Rufty-Holmes Senior Center.

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