Local Bridge by Myrnie McLaughlin

  • Posted: Sunday, July 28, 2013 12:45 a.m.

There was stiff completion at the Winston-Salem sectional this past weekend. The only Salisbury winners were Dan Fowler, Bill Wisdom, Loyd Hill, and Elna Simpson-Elton. Congratulations all.

The Friday, July 19 game was well attended. We welcomed Becky Thomas as a new player paired with BettyBonner Steele. We hope to add more new names.

Winners were: first, Dick Brisbin and Pat Featherston; second, Gloria Bryant and Betsy Bare; third, Pat Macon and Judy Gealy; fourth, Betty Bills and Toni Iossi.

Today’s hand is board #14 from Friday’s game. No one vulnerable, E dealer

Pat Macon and Judy Gealy had the best N/S score 2HS+1, while Harold and Carol Winecoff had the best E/W score 3SE+1.


S 9 7 6 2

H Q 8 7 3

D Q 8 4 3


West East

S A T 8 3 S Q J 5 4

H T 5 2 H A 4

D A K T 6 D J 5 2

C 8 2 C A 7 6 3



H K J 9 6

D 9 7

C K Q T 9 5 4

Each pair bid a different suit. All suits were bid in this hand. South bid 2C-1 and 2H+1, while East bid 3S+1 and West bid 2D. How would you bid this hand? N/S has 17 total high card points, while E/W has 23.

The Tuesday Women’s Club Charity Fund winners were: first, Dick Brisbin and Gloria Bryant; second David and Anna Goff.


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