Young black bear sighting in Spencer

SPENCER — Residents in the Spencer area may want to consider feeding their dogs and cats inside for a few days after someone spotted a black bear not far from the Yadkin River.

Wildlife Officer Tony Sharum said residents should not be alarmed if they see the bear, but should not approach the animal.

“It’s not that unusual to see one this time of year. As their numbers increase, their range increases, Sharum said.

He advises residents to not chase the bear or harass it.

“ It’s looking for an easy free meal that doesn’t include people,” he said.

Sharum said the young bear could get into garbage cans, dog and cat food or any food that is left outside. He advises residents place their dog and cat food inside their homes.

“These are usually solitary male bears finding a new home range,” he said.

The bear is likely the same one spotted in Davidson County on Thursday. About two weeks ago a bear was spotted in Stanly County.

Sharum said you don’t have to report seeing a bear, but it is not legal for someone to shoot a bear if it walks across their property.

“It’s sort of a treat to see a bear in this area. It’s not often they see one,” Sharum said.

The bear seems to be traveling in the area and may not be around for long, he said.

The bear was seen by a man who lives on the outskirts of the Spencer, Salisbury area. The man saw the bear in his yard and just watched it for about 10 minutes. After seeing the animal leave, the man, who knows Sharum, called the officer about his discovery.

Sharum discourages feeding any bear, since that could make them more inclined to come up to people.

Visit and click on the tab for “Seen a Bear?” at the bottom of the page for more information. The website has other tips for what to do if you spot a bear.

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