Students hunt for healthy snacks, visit Farmers Market

  • Posted: Thursday, May 9, 2013 12:55 a.m.
Salisbury Academy students talk with David Correll at the Salisbury Farmers Market.
Salisbury Academy students talk with David Correll at the Salisbury Farmers Market.

Salisbury Academy students learned about finding healthy foods through a scavenger hunt field trip in the community.

As part of a unit on nutrition, Salisbury Academy first- and second-grade students visited Food Lion and the Salisbury Farmers Market. During their trip to Food Lion, students learned about where to find healthy foods in the grocery store, worked in small groups on a healthy foods scavenger hunt, and bought a healthy snack. At the Farmers Market, students met with local vendors and explored.

“The goal for our nutrition unit was to teach the students how to make healthy choices for themselves and why those choices are so important,” said second grade assistant teacher Jessica Goodman. 

Through the trip to the grocery store, the students were introduced to the idea of where to find the healthiest foods and how to shop the perimeter for fresh produce and lean meats. “The students loved the challenge of finding healthy foods on their scavenger hunt through Food Lion and did a great job working together,” Goodman said. “I was impressed with the diversity in their healthy choices and their insightful questions.”

The Farmers Market trip gave the students the experience of an alternative to shopping at the grocery store and allowed them to learn from the vendors and see the variety of fresh produce.

“With hands-on experiences like this trip, students learn the objective, expand their knowledge and remember and apply what they’ve learned,” said first grade teacher Jody Robins.

“Visiting Food Lion and the local farmer’s market really encompassed the idea of improving wellness as an individual and as a community, which are important aspects of the school’s new wellness committee,” said Amy Wilson, parent. Goodman and Wilson are two members of Salisbury Academy’s Wellness Committee, which focuses on nutrition and nutrition education for the school.

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