Parks and Rec director, parks program manager lose jobs

  • Posted: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 4:25 p.m.

SALISBURY — City Manager Doug Paris has fired the director of the Parks and Recreation Department, as well as the parks program manager, and eliminated their positions.

Parks and Recreation Director Gail Elder White and Program Manager Jeff Holshouser lost their jobs today, according to city spokeswoman Elaney Hasselmann.

“The department’s Program Division has delivered unsatisfactory results in efficiency, effectiveness and revenue generation,” Hasselmann said in a statement.

Paris consolidated management of the Parks and Recreation Department, which now reports to Assistant City Manager Zack Kyle. 

Paris has asked Kyle to lead a staff team “to develop a plan of action to increase results and provide for more efficient and effective delivery of programming services to Salisbury citizens,” Hasselmann said.

The management consolidation will save the city $240,000, she said. The savings will be redeployed to frontline programming services for the upcoming fiscal year, she said.

The management consolidation will reduce duplicative management layers, improve communication from line program employees to management, redeploy financial resources to the front line, and ultimately improve the delivery of services, Hasselmann said.

“I look forward to Mr. Kyle’s leadership in the Program Division and also look forward to hearing the recommendations of our staff team,” Paris said in a news release.

Two other department heads recently left the city. Planning Director Joe Morris and City Engineer Dan Mikkelson both retired with a combined 65 years of service.

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