Letters to the editor - Tuesday (4-30-2013)

  • Posted: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 12:18 a.m.

Is there real need for incubator?

The Salisbury City Council voted unanimously last month to proceed with the development of a business incubator for the city. Has anyone completed research to determine the need for this facility?

What new companies will be willing to pay rent to be a part of the incubator? A business incubator is not viable for retail or wholesale businesses. It has nothing to offer businesses that are in the service industry. Computer software companies don’t need the services that an incubator can offer. Just what companies really do need this facility?

If an expensive commercial kitchen is created, new food companies would be interested, but just how many new cupcake and cookie companies can the economy support? Will those food companies leave their current kitchens to give the Rowan-Salisbury business incubator a try?

The business world was a different place when Mayor Woodson saw the incubator in Denver, Colo., eight or 10 years ago. Ten years ago, large business computers were needed to accomplish the work that can now be done by inexpensive personal computers.

Who needs an answering service? Everyone carries a cell phone; we are never out of touch with the folks that need to communicate with us. What small-business person needs an administrative assistant? It is quicker and more efficient to handle correspondence by email. Who needs a big copy machine when computer printers can make multiple copies?

Has anyone stopped to think about why foxy Commission Chairman Jim Sides is so excited about helping his nemesis, the City Council, with this project? I’m sure the commissioners will be delighted to let the city pay for the upgrades that are greatly needed on the old Social Services building. A new roof, new electrical wiring and a new heating and air-conditioning system will certainly improve the value of the county’s property. Look out, Salisbury citizens, higher taxes are coming your way!

— Larry C Bowyer


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