Letters to the editor - Saturday (4-27-2013)

  • Posted: Saturday, April 27, 2013 12:12 a.m.

Give Vietnam vets a break on tag

In September 2012, I sent the following letter to my N.C. representatives and the governor’s office:

“My husband is a Vietnam veteran who served in the Air Force. Several years ago he decided he would like to have the automobile license tag offered by the state of North Carolina. This is not a personalized tag exclusive to him but is available to any Vietnam veteran. I thought it was a shame at that time that he had to pay extra for the tag. However, he finally felt people would accept the pride he felt for serving his country and wanted to show that pride in this way.

“The travesty in all this is the fact that each year although he gets the exact same sticker for his tag that everyone else does, he pays $38 instead of $28. He would never expect to pay less for his tag, but why would citizens who have served their state and country in this way be charged more? ... When I hear politicians and others in prominent positions talking about our veterans and how proud they are of them, I want to say, ‘then, why not do something to right wrongs like this?’ ... Please consider making this a cause you can support for the veterans of our state!”

The responses I received ran the gamut from no response to phone calls. The representative who called said that his office had researched where that extra $10 goes. It seems that it goes into North Carolina visitors centers. He also said that he intended to present the issue at a near-future session; and if he could not get the extra $10 fee lifted, he wanted to propose that it at least go to a veterans’ support organization.

I told him we could live with that solution, but haven’t heard anything else. Please consider contacting our state representatives and asking them to give something besides lip service to this issue.

— Delores Smith


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