Cub Pack 306 holds annual banquet

  • Posted: Saturday, April 20, 2013 11:47 p.m.

On Feb. 16, Cub Scout Pack 306 hosted its annual Blue and Gold Banquet to participate in the nationwide celebration of the Boy Scouts’ founder, Lord Baden Powell, who started Boy Scouts more than 100 years ago. During the event, scouts with awards earned throughout the year, volunteer leaders and special awards earned were recognized.

This year’s Blue and Gold Banquet included the Pack’s first Arrow of Light (AOL) and Crossover Ceremony since Pack 306 began. Fourth- and fifth-grade boys who had completed their Cub Scout journey were transitioned into a Boy Scout Troop, hopefully on their way to becoming an Eagle Scout.

The AOL award is the equivalent in Cub Scouts to the Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts and is one of only two awards that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform as a carryover from their Cub Scouting journey.

The three Cub Scouts who earned their Arrow of Light award were Joseph Najarian, Charlie Durham and Michael Burnette.

This was a long journey for these Cub Scouts and their families, and we congratulate them.

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