GiGi Dover & The Big Love return to Salisbury with gypsy soul music

  • Posted: Thursday, April 18, 2013 12:27 p.m.
Gigi Dover's owl paintings are currently on display at Looking Glass.
Gigi Dover's owl paintings are currently on display at Looking Glass.

SALISBURY — Don’t expect to hear what sounds like the same song twice when GiGi Dover & The Big Love take the stage at the Looking Glass Artists Center black box theater, 405 N. Lee St., at about 8 p.m. Friday.

“Our music goes from high energy to ballads,” Dover said. “It’s a rich sonic experience, the instrumentation alone is so diverse.”

Dover has been performing since 2002 with her husband, Eric Lowell, and their band.

“We kind of have a European Gypsy-type soul thing going on,” she said. “The songs we’ve been writing lately have kind of a Russian carnival flair to them.”

Dover said the band draws on influences from just about everywhere.

“Rock and soul and jazz and country and everything else we’ve grown up with,” she said. “Our sound is always changing.”

During the show audience members will be able to view Dover’s most recent artwork, featuring a series of four owls.

Dover said she considered painting owls after hearing them outside of her Charlotte home.

“We have these owls right in the middle of the city,” she said. “You can lay awake at night and hear them.”

When Dover stumbled across a World Wildlife Federation article about the illegal owl trade in India she decided she should do the painting to raise awareness about the issues.

“They are harvested for their beaks, talons and eyes,” she said. “They believe owls are magical creatures.

“It’s a very real thing that’s going on.”

Dover named the show “Masters of Silence” because owls fly silently at night.

“I’ve learned quite a bit about owls in the past two years,” she said.

Dover said she’s looking forward to returning to Salisbury less than a week after her performance in the Common Chord songwriter’s showcase that was also held at Looking Glass.

“It’s going to be a good show,” she said. “Salisbury is so rich with heritage and art, anyplace like that has good crowds.

Tickets for Friday’s show are available for $8 now at or $10 at the door.

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