Local Bridge: Competitive Bridge

  • Posted: Sunday, March 24, 2013 9:45 a.m.

Many times you want to compete for a contract but you don’t have enough high point count to open, and everyone else has passed before you.

You might be lucky enough to open using the Rule of 15. This bid is an option if you’re in the 4th seat. You hold 10-11 HCPs and a good suit (best is a heart suit). Count your HCPs and add 1 point for every spade holding you have. If the total is 15 you can safely bid your suit. Why spades?

Without spades in your hand, your bid of a lower suit could open the bidding for your opponents in spades, thus stealing a bid.

If you have spades, it is unlikely that opponent can be successful with their spade suit. You pass at your next bid and prepare to set their contract, getting a positive score anyway.

We have been having a great time with our tournament this weekend. I will give results next week.

In our Friday March 15 game, the winners were: N/S first, Harold and Carol Winecoff; second, Judy Gealy/Carol Elkins, tied for third/fourth, Ruth Bowles/Marie Pugh, and Loyd and Jean Hill; E/W winners, first, BettyBonner Steele /Stella Shadroui; second, Pat Featherston/Dick Brisbin; third, Becky Creekmore/PattyKing. There was no game on Tuesday.

This was board 12 Friday, March 15:

N/S vul West Dealer


S A J 9 6

H 8 7 6

D 5 3

C K 8 5 4

West: East:

S T S Q 7 4 3 2

H A 2 H 4

D A Q T 9 8 7 D K J 6 4 2

C A 6 3 2 C Q T


S K 8 5

H K Q J T 9 5 3


C J 9 7

The Pugh/Bowles pair made 5H S for best N/S score; while the Brisbin/Featherston pair made 5D W+1 for the best E/W score.

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