Quotes of the week

  • Posted: Friday, March 22, 2013 12:12 a.m.

“... We would not have moved forward with this difficult decision if we did not believe it was absolutely necessary.”

— J.C. Penney’s spokeswoman Sarah Holland,

On store’s decision to leave Salisbury Mall

“If they take this as an opportunity to de-annex, they are going to open a can of worms for many other municipalities across our state.”

— City Councilman Brian Miller,

On potential consequences if state Legislature backs Rowan County’s attempt to de-annex the airport

“I am very much a collaborator ... That is exactly the kind of work ethic and style that I have.”

— Elaine Spalding,

New president of Rowan Chamber of Commerce

“The sun is not going to raise its prices.”

— Philanthopist Fred Stanback,

Offering to donate $150,000 to install solar panels on top of a new school central office, if it’s built downtown


“Where there’s life, there’s hope ... It may not be in my lifetime, but I truly believe the doors of the Dunbar Center will reopen.”

— Activist Essie Foxx,

On future of East Spencer’s Paul Laurence Dunbar Center

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