Letters to the editor - Friday (3-22-2013)

  • Posted: Friday, March 22, 2013 12:14 a.m.

Taxpayers will be the victims of county’s prayer battle

Insanity: Repeating poor decisions while expecting a different outcome. The path county commissioners have chosen in the face of federal case law is just that, insanity, except this time it’s the taxpayers who will be the victims. Forsyth Commissioners stood in the courthouse door and defied a federal court order, and in addition to defense costs, Forsyth County taxpayers also forked over $250,000 in legal fees for the plaintiffs.

Now, enter Jim Sides, et al, standing in the courthouse door, defiantly vowing to repeat the process. He and the board will lose, but this time it will be the Rowan County taxpayers who will pay, all the taxpayers. The outcome is so ordained they’ll be lucky if an appeals court will even hear the case.

The issue has nothing to do with prayer, but everything to do with sectarian prayer. And still, the solution is so obvious as to defy sanity — observe a few moments of silent reflection! You get to pray as you will, as do all in attendance. Quakers have been doing so for hundreds of years, and I doubt they’re considered any less Christian, nor is their place in heaven any less secure for doing so.

The first thing I expect of commissioners is respect for law, and adherence thereto. Mr Sides was quoted as expecting fire departments to abide by the law (open meetings, in this case). Really? Can there be any greater hypocrisy? Here’s a flash — the defendant in the lawsuit is Rowan County, meaning all citizens of the county. Be Christian leaders and do what Jesus would do, be tolerant of the beliefs (or non-beliefs) of all Rowan citizens. It’s just too easy to be Christian and abide by the law of our land!

— James G. Grizzard


A prayer at every meeting

I think the Rowan County commissioners need to have a sectarian prayer at every meeting.

— Carl Massie


Cheers for the Cavaliers

Congratulations to Coach Andrew Mitchell and the North Rowan High Cavaliers boys basketball team for a good season. I hope they continue to win in the future.

— Ben Wood


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